Lovin it !!! :)
:) Had my eye on a cashmere jumper for ages and then Tesco got a load in at £35 - had a look - nice - but £35 was stil a bit much for a v neck jumper - cashmere or not - I'm a bit tight like that - prefer quantity to quality - anyway thats another story..........................
Seeing as its Valentines and I lost another 6 at weigh in this week, decided to treat myself - had seen that they were £10 off - so £25 - yeah ok - lets splash out.
Went there today picked meself a nice chocolate brown size 10 - went to pay and.........................£17.50 !!!! Result.
So girlies get yourselves down to your local Tesco for a gorgeous soft and warm cashmere v neck for just £17.50.:D
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Not dieting ATM!
Ooh I had my eye on them too. Will have to try to get to a large Tesco in the next day or two. What colour did you decide to get Bev?

Dizzy x


Need help
You deserve it, but you do need to change that jacket you wore tonight as it looks too big now. :D :D :D

Nick :D