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I am transferring this diary from the Cambridge Diet part of the forum because from tomorrow I am transferring to Exante. Cambride diet products no longer keep me in ketosis so someone suggested I try Exante as the carb contents are lower. Seeing as my consultant wasnt allowed to weigh me due to lock down and it was a very expensive diet for no real consultation, Exante (which i'd never heard of before) seemed like a better option. I'll update the bottom of this post each week so current details are easy to find for myself as I mark of my goals as complete. I will paste another post about why I am choosing not to weigh at the moment. Might change... but yes... we shall see!

Hello everyone! Good to see you. I figured quarantine for ages is a good time to go into a cocoon and emerge slimmer at the end of it! Like a rebirth :)

I thought I had an old CWP profile, but it seems to have disappeared. Maybe this isn't the same forum from before they changed all the products a few years back. I did CWP a couple of times but since the last time I had a daughter and a rough time, so need a boost to get going. I have only regained everything or more since the last time, which is gutting, but giving myself a break after what I had to contend with. I found these diaries really help. So do progress pictures, goal setting, working in rewards for meeting goals, writing out coping strategies and using measurements - I learned that sometimes you get a lower loss but lots of inch loss. So here I am to set some goals and share some pictures to motivate myself. The first time round I worked in things that opened up to me in life because of being lighter. I went horse riding and did a sky dive, for example. I'd love to do the latter again for sure, but my main motivation is to be healthier and more energetic to be with my lively toddler. I've never had to contend with making someone else food while on SS, but I did manage to be 100% all over christmas and new year before, so maybe that will be ok ha :-/

I start SS+ tomorrow. This is my first time since the calories are higher on the packs and since the rice pudding and tetras are gone. Bit sad about some of the things gone, but looking forwards to trying some new stuff. I've been cutting down carbs for a few days and upping my water intake, as I remember the horrible struggle of starting from eating loadsa carbs and not enough fluid!!! I have to do 4 products due to height. Didn't know about a TDR step until i'd bought them but I don't think the limited choice would be so bearable.

Nice to meet you all and here goes nothing. Lets go round again :)

Meet Consultant 21/3/20Lose 3kgLose 5in 30/3 New phone 14/4
Start Diet 24/03Lose 6kgLose 10in 30/3 Vastly improved well being! 27/4
Finish Day One 24/3Lose 9.5kgLose 15in 15/4 New bedroom furniture 16/5
Get into Ketosis 24/3 ( :-o )Lose 12kg First w/i 15/4Lose 20in 27/4New fitbit
Finish: W1 30/3 w/i 🔒Lose 15.5kg 27/4Lose 25in 11/5Timber to build garden furniture
Finish: W2 6/4 no w/i x 7th ApLose 19kg 11/05Lose 30in 01/06New Mitre saw, stand and safety equip
W3 (w1 Exante) 15/4 Lose 22kg 18/05
W4 20/4 no w/iLose 25.5kg 01/06
W5 27/4 Lose 28.5kg 15/06 + 22/6
W6 4/5
W7 11/5
W8 18/05
W9 25/05
W10 01/06
W11 08/06 S-U to 1000cal
W12 15/06 1000cal
W13 22/06 off plan
Start next 12 week phase 22/06
Finish day two 23/06
Finish day 4 no carbs 25/06
Start W14a - Exante only 26/06
Finish W14a 03/07Lose 28.5kg 03/07
Get into ketosis ?Lose 31.5kgLose 35 in 03/07New pens for doodle venture
W15b 10/07Lose 34.5kgLose 40 in 03/07 +10/07New saucepan set
W16c 17/07Lose 38kgLose 45 inNew makeup
All goals ceased. See page ten goals.


Start: 124kg, BMI: 37.9,
End Goal: 75kg, BMI: 23. Aim to lose 54kg and 14.9 bmi points.
*Pretty random goal, have never been that weight! Will weigh occasionally.

Start: Bust: 48in, Waist 47in, Hips: 54in, Arm 16in, Thigh 26in
W1: Bust: 43in, Waist: 44, Hips: 51in, Arm: 16in, Thigh 26in 11 inch loss
W2: Bust 42.5, Waist 42, Hips 51, Arm 15, Thigh 26. 3 1/2 inch loss
W3: Bust 43, Waist 42, Hips 51, Arm 14.5, Thigh 24.5. 1 1/2 inch loss

W4: Bust 42, Waist 42, Hips 50, Arm 14.5, Thigh 25. 1 1/2 inch loss
W5: Bust 41, Waist 40.5, Hips 48.5, Arm 14.5, Thigh 23. 6 inch loss
W6: Bust 42, Waist 41, Hips 49, Arm 14, Thigh 23. 1.5 inch growth (menstrual cycle)
W7: Bust 41, Waist 40.5, Hips 47, Arm 14, Thigh 23. 3.5 inch loss
W8: Bust 41, Waist 39, Hips 47, Arm 14, Thigh 23. 1.5 inch loss
W9: Bust 40.5, Waist 39, Hips 47, Arm 14, Thigh 22.5. 1 inch loss
W10: Bust 40.5, Waist 37, Hips 46, Arm 13.5, Thigh 22.5 3.5 inch loss
W11: Bust 40, Waist 37, Hips 44, Arm 13.5, Thigh 22 3 inch loss
W12: Bust 40, Waist 37, Hips 45, Arm 13, Thigh 21 0.5 inch loss

Week 12 and 13 were very much off plan. New plan made at end of W13.
W13: Bust 39, Waist 37, Hips 45.5, Arm 12.5, Thigh 21.5 STS
W14a Start: Bust 40, Waist, 37, Hips 45.5, Arm 14, Thigh 21.5. 1.5 inch growth (menstrual cycle)
W14a End: Bust 38.5, Waist 36, Hips 43.5, Arm 12.5, Thigh 20.5 8 inch lost
W15b: Bust 39, Waist 37, Hips 45, Arm 12.5, Thigh 21. 3.5 inch growth
W16c: Bust 38.5, Waist 37, Hips 46, Arm 12.5, Thigh 21.5. 1 inch growth (Menstural cycle, weak off plan)

Total loss: 36 inches in 16 weeks

Start, 24/3/20: 124kg
Weigh in 1 (W3), 16/4/20: 112kg (3 weeks loss = 12kg)
Weigh in 2 (W5),27/4/20: 107kg (2 weeks loss = 5kg)
Weigh in 3 ((W6) 04/05/20: 107kg (1 week, no change, menstrual cycle)
Weigh in 4 (W7) 11/5/20: 104kg (1 week loss = 3kg)
Weigh in 5 (W8) 17/05/20: 102kg (1 week loss = 2kg)
Weigh in 6 (W9) 25/05/20: 99kg (1 week loss = 3kg)
Weigh in 7 (W10) 01/06/20: 97kg (1 week loss = 2kg menstrual cycle)
Weigh in 8 (W11) 08/06/20: 96kg (1 week loss = 1kg - ate out of ketosis, s-u to 1000cal, see below or later posts)
Weigh in 9 (W12) 15/06/20: 95kg (1 week loss = 1kg 1000cal)

Weigh in 10 (W13) 22/06/20: 98kg (1 week = 3kg gain - very off plan!)
Weigh in 11 (W14a Start) 26/06/20: 96kg (4 days change = menstrual cycle)
Weigh in 12 (W14a end) 03/07/20: 93kg (1 week loss = 3kg 800cal)
Weigh in 13 (W15b) 10/07/20: 95kg (1 week = 2kg gain)
Weigh in 14 (W16c) 20/07/20: 97kg (10 days = 2kg gain)

Total loss: 27kg in 16 weeks

:blahblah::blahblah::blahblah::blahblah:Skip to my post about my re-goaling after feeling a bit lost

At week 8 I have gone from BMI 38 to BMI 30.8. Thats 0.8 to lose to be overweight, not obese. A week a BMI point almost. BOOM.

At week 9 my BMI is 30.2. So close.... My waist to heigh ratio is 0.55, making me 'very overweight' by that measure.

Week 10 and my bmi is 29.6!!! No more obesity by the BMI measure. FECK YEAHHHH!!!!! My waist to height ratio is now 0.52, which is considered 'healthy'. Double feck yeah!!!!!

Here are my current progress pictures and some old before/after ones to inspire myself! I will come back and check of these goals as I meet them.

Start, weeks 1-12 and W13 off plan. Alignment went a bit wrong lol
diet 12w.jpg

Start & W16c.

Noticing: What I notice the most, aside from size change, is the curve of my spine reducing/centre of gravity changing. I have felt pregnant long since giving birth and my back has been in agony. It does not hurt anywhere near as much now and I can breathe if I lie on my stomach. My blood pressure has changed drastically, often confusingly so. I can fit in older clothes, which say on the label that they're the same size as the clothes that are now too big, which is a huge reminder that shop sizing is not a way to measure your wellbeing or worth by, just like scale numbers! Feel good about any results, but feel better about looking after yourself and making steps for change that will change your life. The work is the reward too I suppose. We should be proud. Its hard.

End of Wk11: Noticing that I have less chin, more neck and its apparent there really were collar bones under there. Always a favourite milestone for some reason...Stepping up to 1000calories today. I have to see cardiology because my HR is getting too high when not exerting myself due to possible POTS, I am burning through the calories I am eating out of product, so I am increasing to find the right balance of diet vs well being. My health and blood pressure have improved vastly over the last 4-5 months and the diet is obviously a contributor so ceasing entirely isn't an option yet. I will play about until I find the right ratio of in to out calories.

Previous before and afters from Cambridge (when it was better!)
Screenshot 2020-04-06 at 12.08.51.png
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Transferred post from old diary....

Today would be weigh in day, but no consultant, coronavirus lock down, no scales and starting Exante tomorroww!! Quite excited if everything is nice because there is way more choice. Microwave is arriving today, which will speed up breakfast time from pan cooking porridge in a bowl over water. So still no weight update. Less inch loss from the regular places but I can see it more in my face and neck, and obviously I don't measure my face haha. So now i'm on a total inch loss of 15 inches, so thats 3 of my inch loss goals in two weeks.

If I can continue staving off the need to weigh, I am definitely not going to get scales for my home. All of the studying I have recently done about trauma and the nervous system, about disassociation and so on has taught me that the reason my weight gets so out of control is because I am. not in tune, in relationship with, or even noticing what is happening to my body month on month. I really want to learn how to BE in my body, to feel what it feels like, for it to feel safe and happy there, and to learn to notice my size, shape and anything else that is going on. To date, if I see my body I pretend I didn't because I don't like it. I lived in denial about my size until one day I saw it and I felt sad for myself. So no scales. I am going to learn to notice and feel where and how I am changing, which is much easier to do without the heavy emotional connection to a number on a scale. Not suggesting everyone should do this, not saying I will continue with it if it stops working for me, not judging anyone who disagrees, but I want to do this differently this time as an experiment. I feel like I am letting go of all of the sh*t people dumped on me, all the horrible experiences, all the bad times, all the things that stopped me loving myself... and I want to notice when the part of me thats allllll me shines through.

Physical changes I have noticed are better centre of gravity and less lower back pain, less joint pain, easier movement, more hydrated skin. More hydrated everything really ha! More energy when I am not falling out of ketosis because new CD is infuriating on 4 products.

Start: 19st5lbs, BMI: 37.9, Arm: 16in, Bust: 48in, Waist: 47 1/2in, Hips: 54in, Thigh: 26in.
Current: Bust 42.5, Waist 42, Hips 51, Arm 15, Thigh 26.
Total loss 15 in


I bought 100 prodcuts for £95 on exante and the choice is amazing. I hope theyre good. I spent time sorting them all into days so I have variety every day/week of different breakfast, bar, soup and shake. Microwave is now in place and ready to get going tomorrow!! Last day on Cambridge diet.

Day one on Exante! I didn't think I liked the porridge oats at first, first taste was a bit like old cambridge products' weird chemcially taste that you had to adjust to, but by third mouthful it was just nice and creamy. Either I put too much water in or it doesnt thicken up as well as cambridge. Either way... it wasn't a disaster so thats good!

Feeling a bit brighter today, which might be because my daughter and I (lone parent) went to asda yesterday, which was our first 'outing' in three weeks. Tres exciting! Yesterday my friend had a call from her work yesterday saying she's to stay off until at least 31st May, as the Government had confirmed thats how long theyll pay 80% wages so far during this lock down. First I went to doom mode, then I went to 'ooh, I wonder how different i'll look by then... that would be 9 weeks since I started (or 7 on exante). On old cambridge that could be around 2-3 stone loss. No idea what to expect from new cambridge or Exante. It shall be a fun experiment. Feels like a nice way to make the most of lock down, anyway!
Ahh cool :) today's going ok. My blood pressure was dropping but it's gone back up a bit so I wonder if that's to do with different mineral contents and ingredients between cd and exante. Also today I didn't get the squits but did for all of the Cambridge weeks.

Three products down and all tasty. Hot shake this evening and day one done.
Loved reading your diary. I especially like your reward idea and will have to give his some serious thought.

In regard to not getting weighed we each have to manage this journey in whatever way works for us. I like to see the lbs coming off, but it can also be disheartening when it doesn't show on the scales. I will follow you lead and measure (which I was a bit scared to do!) for the weeks I don't see a lose on the scales.

Loz x
Loved reading your diary. I especially like your reward idea and will have to give his some serious thought.

In regard to not getting weighed we each have to manage this journey in whatever way works for us. I like to see the lbs coming off, but it can also be disheartening when it doesn't show on the scales. I will follow you lead and measure (which I was a bit scared to do!) for the weeks I don't see a lose on the scales.

Loz x

Hey Loz, thanks for reading!! :) I defffffinitely recommend weighing and measuring together. That's what I used to do and often you can lose loads of inches but barely any weight. Without the measurements it would be disheartening. As for the not weighing, I may change my mind but for now I'm not bothered. I keep thinking how awesome it might be to weigh at the end of lockdown for the first time haha. Can you imagine doing that and losing 7lb though 😂😂😂
I hope i'd lose more than 7 by the end of lockdown for sure haha :) Day 1 (15 of VLCD) on exante went well and I did not feel really hungry or have a headache on waking today. So far so good for the staying in ketosis. My blood pressure is getting very low in the morning and higher at night, spoke to the Dr to be safe and was told to monitor it for a week and call back if it gets too low or high. Just had my second product for today. I have one at 7ish, then 10ish then 1ish then 5ish. Chose those times to try and fit in with my daughters eating patterns and bedtime so that I dont have to feed and watch her eat while doing nothing. Firstly cause that might be a challenge and secondly I don't want it to seem too weird to her. I call everything soup, porridge or snack bar so it all sounds like a proper meal or snack. Don't wanna embed the need for these diets in her toddler brain so young haha. Not even sure if she's old enough to store this kinda thing but dunno?

Edit to add.... I forgot about microwaves and overflowing porridge!! Must remember to stay watching the micro in the second minute so as not to lose half my breakfast. At least it was brand new and sparkly clean micro and I could scape some loss back in the bowl haha. Golden syrup porridge and choc orange bars are nice. The bars are a totally different consistency to the cambridge bars so far. CD ones are a lot harder and not so bitty, but the flavours are nicer of exante. Exante seem bigger but less substantial because of the consistency and CD are smaller and harder, so makes them about the same over all. Mushroom soup for lunch later and hot choc mint shake for dinner, which i'll call soup lol
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I am so, so bloody bored today! I didn't realise how unbored being hungry was making me, simply by having to formulate a plan and make some changes. Implemented a new routine a couple of days ago and I am sick of it already haha. This lockdown business is bloody awful, but i'm glad theres nobody around me who is critically ill.
I'm sure you will lose more than 7lb at the end of lockdown! :D

I took your advice and took my measurements. It was shocking! I think that's what I was scared of to be honest. Anyway got to face the music now and hopefully it will help me be even more determined to stay on track. I am feeling very focused at moment and I hope that by the time I go back to work at the end of next week I will be in enough of a routine to resist all temptation. (I need to write this in my diary as a reminder for me!).

I think its a good idea to act as normal in front of your daughter, not good to give them food issues. I will bear that in mind when I can next have my grandson over to stay, he is 2.

It is hard finding things to do during this lockdown. Fortunately I have an enormous list of things to do that I never get around to which I'm working through. Tomorrows job is to paint all or some of the back garden fence.

Have s good night.

Loz x
Write yourself a letter to future you, and a letter from future you to present you and or past you. I always find that crazy helpful to do when I'm really motivated. You did what you were scared of... Bloody wonderful :)

It's soooo hard to stay occupied. I have loads I could get on with if there was another adult but my daughter is having none of it. Shattered by night so bleugh haha.

My days been good. Am enjoying the new range of flavours on offer to me. I don't find them any lumpier than Cambridge was but I have to add extra water to soups and shakes for less lumps like I did with cd. Need to find a coffee frothed as that was always good to help with that. Don't really have anything to report today other than definitely feeling better on exante than I was on new Cambridge. Hunger gone, dizzy gone, headache gone. So glad I came across you Bluebell and found out about exante.
I will write myself a letter another fab idea. Pleased you are liking exante so far.

I miss my shakes in a blender as it sorts the lumps out in seconds.

Loz x
Hello! I'm here. I bought a game for my PC whilst off and I have been playing that for about 3 days. Stops me thinking about food anyway.
We all ok?
Good to read that you are liking Exante. It is also good you are adding extra water as it all counts towards your intake doesn't it!?
I was going to seek you out and send a message cause I wondered where you'd gone!! What game did you get? I miss disappearing into a game haha. Maybe I should get one to play in the night because i'm bored of netflix now.

All good yep. Yes, definitely. I'm not adding much more to be fair... say its 200, I do 250. Not for porridge though as that just makes it crap and water and who wants porridge like that!!