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Bars again!!


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Despite my 3-bar-binge last week, I have decided after all to re-order.

I decided that what I needed was not to deprive myself of bars but to develop some self discipline - which afterall is what we all need in terms of eating a healthy diet. So that it what I will do! - I shall invoke some discipline :D

I will have one a day (as directed! :cry: ) and gauge when I will need this most. On work days it is best first thing in the morning and when I am off because I can spread the "meals" :rolleyes: throughout the day I shall have it either at lunch or during the evening.

Will keep you posted.

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Hi FP,
I came to the same conclusion as you - in that I initially wanted to bar the bars (excuse the pun) completely to avoid temptation. But as you say we're here to change habits too - as well as lose weight.
I must say that this week I'm chewing them slower and savouring the taste and consistency as I chew, so this is how I'll have to savour real food in the future. Well that's the theory anyway.
Good post FP well done x
I agree with Trish. I didn't realise until I sat at the table eating my bar from a plate with my family. My dad say - wow your really enjoying that aren't you! Now actually I wasn't (well I suppose as much as you can a toasted nut crunch) but he said that I was really taking my time over it and chewing each mouthful properly. Before I was a really fast eater. It barely touched the sides. I have noticed that slim people do seem to take longer - so that is what I am going to aim to do when I start eating properly. Really take my time and savor the food.


Hopeful for the future
Hi WW,
Well done and I think it just goes to show that when you get your mind on the important things and off the focus of food, you can learn to enjoy whatever you put a mind to.
Keep on xx

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