Bars during the first week


It is recommended you do not have the bars in the first two weeks as they can affect how quickly you go into ketosis therefore making it hard.

Give your CDC a call and ask if you can just have liquids for the first two weeks.

I know the official line is not to have the bars for the first couple of weeks, but I've had one every day from the first day on CD and it hasn't affected my weight loss at all. Guess that might not always apply to everyone so perhaps I was just lucky :)

To be honest, my CDC didn't actually tell me I shouldn't have them so I only realised when I joined the DH forum - having said that I'm really glad 'cos it made that first week much more bearable for me.
Some people are very lucky, and the bars don't slow them down getting into ketosis, but generally speaking you shouldn't add them until week 3. :)