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bars kicked me out of ketosis?


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I found that as well with the CD bars.

Have you something like chicken in the house as I find a bit of protein helps to dull the cravings.

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The fat is melting away!
You should only have one bar a day. That should stop you coming out of ketosis. I find I have to have more water the day I have a bar which is most days. :D The first week I had bars I felt a bit hungrier but that has subsided now. Jayne x
i ate all 3 i order because thats what i'm like with chocolate have to eat all chocolate when its in.
i had some chicken breast from co-op no skin thought i was doing really good then read it was grilled in brown sugar so will that have kicked me out of ketosis if i'm not already out.


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I doubt it, hun. :hug99: The 3 bars might have kicked you out of ketosis, but not by much (depending on what sort of bars they were). If they were choc mint, peanut or cranberry, they have pretty much exactly the same number of carbs as a milkshake.

If they were the chewy bars (orange, malt toffee, chocolate), they might have an effect but not for long. We're only talking about having 30g of carb more over the course of a day than you normally would have and you'll burn that off in no time.

I'm not convinced that it's the extra carbs in some of the bars that give people the munchies anyway. I think it's more to do with the fact that you've chewed something and made your stomach think it's going to get more, LOL. Plus you really do need to drink extra water with them, otherwise you don't feel quite as satisfied after having one than you would after having after a soup or shake with lots of water in - and that of course is going to make you feel hungry.

As for the chicken - minimal damage, hun. Look for the carb count on the packet as a guide. Anything from 0 carbs to around 0.5g carb per 100g [strike]isn't going to kick you out of ketosis.[/strike] is pretty safe :)

No more fretting about it, okay? :hug99: If you can stay away from the monster carbs, your weigh in won't be in the least bit affected. Remember - you don't need to be in ketosis for Cambridge to work - you just need to stick to the plan and the calorie deficit will do the rest!

Edited to adjust what I originally said about the chicken - even higher amounts of carbs are unlikely to kick you out of ketosis, but plain, unadulterated chicken is best.
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thanks hun the chicken was 1,3g done with now i'm just gonna carry on as normal tommorrow
That's still not very much in the way of carbs, so no worries. They're sneaky, aren't they, food manufacturers? There you are, thinking you've chosen well, and bam - you've been had.

Makes you realise just how much cr*p is added to our food all the time, doesn't it? Since when did you need to put sugar on chicken to make it taste good? :confused:
I would down loads of water as them bars are quite compact (if you know what I mean) If you are planning on eating 3 a day (Which is not recommended) I would invest in some Fibre 69.
yeah very sneaky lily people think they r being good and they aren't.
don't look back: no more bars for me i know I can't stop at one. funny enough they actually helped me go loo


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I would down loads of water as them bars are quite compact (if you know what I mean) If you are planning on eating 3 a day (Which is not recommended) I would invest in some Fibre 69.
LOL, depends on which bars you have. If you had 3 chewy bars a day, believe me, you wouldn't need Fibre 89. Maybe a cork... :D


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It was recommended to me that it is 1 bar a day and when you eat it you drink an EXTRA pint of water to what you normally have - it's really filling then!

I haven't felt more hungry at all x

Good luck x

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