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Bars nutritional value

Great answers guys. I had been worrying about the same thing too :)
I love the peanut and the mint crisp and have had one every day since week 3, I don't think it's had an effect on my losses but I have also been told not to have more than one a day and apparently you should drink more water if u have them but I haven't cause i struggle with 2 litres!!
What about the side effects? Ive heard some bad things about them affecting your tummy.
I get a bit of wind sometimes but nothing much. The first few days I had a bit of belly ache but nothing like that for weeks. They are so worth it tho they are yummy!!
Great, cant wait now untill this weeks over. I can get bars next week! :D
They upset my tummy a bit if I eat them early in the day. If I have one after dinner I'm fine?? No reason but thats what happens and I get diarrhoea.


Nearly there...
When I eat the chewy ones they give me wind and the poops... My CDC said the crispy bars are the same carb value as the tetras so I'm allowed 2 bars and 1 tetra a day... Now I'm thinking not??

And obviously I can't say "They don't affect my losses!!" as I wouldn't know whether I would have lost more or less... lol. I'm steady at 3lbs a week so far though x
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I've heard/read you can't have more than 2 and it says in the book and CDC says. But I really don't understand why not and I can't see it making a lot of difference as still vlcd and low carb diet with 2. I'd have 3 a day if CDC would sell them to me, but she said 1 a day max!! I don't think I would have got this far without my daily bar sounds so sad when written down!!!
Sorry was suppose to say more than 1 a day on my first sentence. Sorry.


Nearly there...
Seems odd that CDCs offer conflicting information?? Bit worried now...

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