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Bars or shakes/soups

Take a look at my weekly weight losses - I've had a bar a day since end of first week and am delighted I have - so much more convenient when on the go! I'd really miss my bars, so would never consider doing this without them! Yum to the cranberry bars!
My weight losses have also been good with having a bar each day.. I'll have my 5th WI on saturday but I can't say I've noticed a big difference to weight losses, and they sure do provide variety and convenience! Yum to cranberry and peanut bars, and yum to the others made into biscuits!
i have a bar everyday - maybe thats why i have lost 'less' than i thought i would, but i don't want to get fed up on the diet and i really really like them!

i did consider not having any this week - then decided even if it takes me a couple of weeks longer to get there at least i have something 'food' like each day

plus it may have nothing to do with my 'slow' loss

daisy x
PB - we have the same taste in bars! love the cranberyy and peanut ones
rest are nice, but as biscuits!
daisy x
I used the toffee bar and choc pack, and made them into maltesers last week. Fiddly to make, but yum to eat!
Week 1 - no bars - lost 6lbs
Week 2 - no bars - lost 6lbs
Week 3 - 1 bar each day - lost 6lbs
Week 4 - 1 bar each day - lost 6lbs

so law of averages says nope, they don't make a difference to your losses :D
Personally I don't have the bars, but it's not to do with weight loss. I'm using this as time away from food so I can work through my eating issues, so I just have soups, with 350mls water, no sweet shakes and I don't make anything from the packs like crisps or whatever.
You can see from the other posts that it doesn't seem to make any difference to weight loss if you have a bar a day. It's just my choice.
No it wont affect you they say but I have wondered myself about this, I believe you are literally talking minuscule amounts of weight (ounces) in difference. So overall i would say its not a noticeable difference. But make sure you take 1 a day only as the carbs are higher


Making it all add up
A bar a day, to keep boredom at bay.

I'm happy with weight loss as it stands
also, maybe it's a purely mental thing, but if I have half a bar before I go out to do my walks/runs, I find them easier as I seem to have more energy (or at least I seem to THINK I do!) and then having the other half when I get back from the exercise seems to perk me up again......

but like I said, it might just all be a mental thing as I doubt that the (EDIT: 90ish) calories that are in half a bar could really make that much difference! :D
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LighterLife Returner
WHOA! 200 cals in half a bar?!?

There are only 180 ish cals in the whole LL bars that I have... what bars are you having then? they are LL ones aren't they ;-)

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