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Felix said:
I know this has probably been asked a million times, but is there a limit on how many bars you can have a week? Can you have one every day or does it slow down your weight loss?

I think I might get some when my CDC comes for WI tomorrow :)

What flavours can you get?
My CDC said that there's nothing in the literature to restrict how many you should have a week, but from her own experience with different clients she personally thinks weight loss isn't as good by those regularly buying bars.
didnt i read that you should limit it to one bar a day.
i only got the bars this week to try and i think they are
all lovely however i did not feel full after them like i do
wit any of the other products.
i might just get one or two as a treat for when i am feeling
weak but i couldnt have them regular i'd be too hungry.
also the bars are 170 180 kcal ( cant remember)
but the shakes soups are only 132kcal.
every little helps..... lol


Slowly but surely x
i have one bar a day - i love the toffee malt, choc orange and choc bars
I have 1 bar a day , have done from day 1 and lost 14 lb last week ( week 1 ) so it works for me !!! I have a chewy orange and crunchy peanut ones and alternate them , as there are less carbs in the crunchy ones :)
flavours are -
Chewy - malt toffee , caramel , chocolate ( all covered in milk choc) and orange ( covered in dark choc and I looove them )

Crunchy- peanut and cranberry ( covere3d in milk choc )


hoping for a good loss
love the choc ones. I like to cut them up into about 15 pieces and freeze them for a bit so they are even more chewy

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