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this time - the last time
i love love love the mint ones. some people can find they quite dry but if you like matchmakers you'll love it. the only trouble is that they don't last me long. they're morish and i've started keeping them in the fridge as i love them so much i would want to eat them all.

i also like the peanut one too. bit like a snickers type taste.

cranberry is ok and orange is interesting. don't mind them but can't stand the rest. however, we all have different tastes so i'd say try them and see what you think.
i have always liked getting a toffee, a cranberry and an orange one, cut each one into 3, take one third of each chop into small ( chocolate raisin size ) pieces, then put in a container and mix up. do this with all 3 and put in the fridge.
then i grab one and sit in the evening with my own little revels type treat to munch on whilst watching tele. :D


this time - the last time
Thanks. I love snickers and match makers, so think I should try those!


this time - the last time
cherylxx said:
sit in the evening with my own little revels type treat to munch on whilst watching tele. :D
Ooh...great idea! Might steal that one!
I always have peanut bars but I'm so sick of them! Tried the toffee/caramel ones and the chocolate ones and found they are weird and salty. I wish they would make one that was just solid chocolate haha :D
I always have peanut and mint choc ones . They are both quite dry and take some chewing , but I find they last a long time and I feel like I have had a proper meal :)
I love the orange chewy ones but they are gone in 3 mouthfuls and make me feel more hungry so I dont have them any more :(
I love them all but i cut them into small pieces , put them in a freezer bag and pop into the freezer that way they last longer, like eating a treat instead of a meal
peanut and mint win for me. Orange is fine - the rest are bleugh - can't even persuade my kids to eat them for me.

But the mint ones are very very moreish - I only bought them last week and had both of them on the day i picked them up! Its been a long week since then.


please try again
i have the chocolate ones on rare occasions, cant hack the others

i like the taste of the choc mint but i cant handle the texture
I love the choc mint and the peanut, the caramel/toffee are ok but strange texture so i but them in the fridge so there not so....um strange (cant think of any other way to explain it lol!)

not tried any of the others yet but definatly feels like a treat!

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