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Well, you shouldn't have two bars in one day, simply because of the amount of carbs. But what's done is done. No need to worry and beat yourself now. It's much better to have two bars than the other food, you are not allowed while on exante. So don't worry. I don't think that would kick you off out Ketosis if you already in. And that will not damage your lose :) Just don't do that again.
You will be fine!


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I've had two bars in one day, today being one of those. It's really not that bad at all.I don't make a habit out of it though
I would say that if two bars a day helps you stick to the diet, does not make you extra hungry and does not adversely affect your losses, then there is no reason why you shouldn't have that second bar!

Whatever gets you through the dieting day lol.


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I would find it so much easier if i could have 3 bars a day as they are scrummy and sometimes i struggle to drink the soups i really have to force them down
same! i sat down to the thai chicken soup at lunchtime, took one mouthful and spat it out.... went an bought some sliced chicken, which happened to have the same calories as the soup, very few carbs.... ate it with sum brown sauce.......delicious!!


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I don't like the soups at all, I tried all the flavours and barely ate half I didn't substitute the pack for food though..I've finished off the last few soups out of the variety pack by giving them a wuick nuke in the microwave, it's been easier to get them down that way, even though it's the wrong way, but it's better than the alternative...

I love the shakes so I'll be sticking to those from tomorrow onwards now, and just the bar in the evening, which i really look forward to having and because of that I wouldn't want morethan 1 bar a day :)
I'm hoping that was a one off cos you can't just replace a pack with something with a similar calorie value as a substitute. You should have the pack you've missed this evening

Brown sauce could kick you out of ketosis
dnt wori it was a one off... only had a small squirt of brown sauce on my plate, an i didnt bring any other packs with me to work to take instead so il know again :)
2 bars is better than breaking the diet with regular food and getting yourself completely off track. Like everyone says, just don't make an intentional habit of it. I have had this happen a couple times when i had no way to make a shake where i was going.

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