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G: 12st0lb
I was wondering if anyone can recommend any bars that are low in calories but yummy and filling? I love the LL bars & the maintenance bars BUT... I'd really like to find something for a bit less than £2.50 a pop. I'm more than happy to buy the LL ones if necessary but there must be some others out there?

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I've been wondering the same and have been looking at the nutritional values of many bars out there, but there just seems to be no equal in terms of nutrition/size/taste/low-sugar-content all wrapped in one. That's probably because the LL bars are not really a snack and supposed to replace a whole meal, but it would be great to find one out there that is just as good (and at 50g they are positively huge compared to most 'health' bars which are usually 25/35g) and as low in carbs. The Atkins bar seems to be fairly low in carbs, but quite high in fat and not that cheap either.

Hope someone has found a good alternative to the LL bars and tells us about it :)
G: 12st0lb
I had a quick look on eBay yesterday and saw the Atkins stuff but im not sure. Hopefully someone will have some pearls of wisdom. I'm struggling for breakfasts as don't like cereal & fruit just doesn't cut it for me in the morning lol!

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S: 17st4lb G: 10st7lb
Zone Perfect Double Chocolate Bars seem to have similar nutritional info to the LL nut fudge bar.

Both weigh around 50g and are just under 200 cals; same fat amount (even though zone perfect has more saturated fats), similar carb content. Zone perfect has much more sodium though.
Each bar is around 1.80 pounds on amazon.

Never tried them though, so how knows whether they are as good as the nut fudge or the other LL bars. ;)

Calories in Zone Perfect - ZonePerfect Double Chocolate | Nutrition Facts and Information
Calories in Lighterlife (Uk) Nut Fudge Bar - Calories and Nutrition Facts

I think I'll stay away from bars for a while as they never really leave me as satisfied as a meal and there are lower cal snacks around. Might get 2/3 bars from LLC during the bi-weekly weigh-ins during Maintenance , once I finish RTM.

Have you tried Fage 0% greek yogurt for breakfast? I find it so lovely and it fills me for hours (any time of the day) and if you don't fancy fruit in the morning you could use some other 'toppings', like honey, granola, a bit of jam, etc. :)
G: 12st0lb
Thanks for that - I'll definitely check those out. I tried an atkins bar yesterday & it was delicious & v filling so am quite tempted to get some in for when I'm desperate. Was thinking granola & fat free yoghurt is a good breakfast, granola can be a bit of a trigger for me but will definitely give it. Go x

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