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hiya they have 9.1g of carbohydrates, i bought some last week and they are ok. Just ok though lol a lot of chewing and to me thay seem bit powdery or something but i am the worlds freakiest person when it comes to textures lol even the shakes i struggle with, not because they dont taste nice because they do its thetexture of them makes me gag. not enough to put me off though. buy one and see what you think to start off with.


Eloquent hooligan
hiya they have 9.1g of carbohydrates, i bought some last week and they are ok. Just ok though lol a lot of chewing and to me thay seem bit powdery or something but i am the worlds freakiest person when it comes to textures lol even the shakes i struggle with, not because they dont taste nice because they do its thetexture of them makes me gag. not enough to put me off though. buy one and see what you think to start off with.
lol must....not.....comment....so...hard.....must.....resist... :D

The bars have got to be better than the lipotrim flapjacks which were evil... imagine compressed horse dung with an industrial / chemical taste from lots of vits & minerals & you'll have the measure of them.... not pleasant.

I saw the CS bars last night & was umming & aaahing about buying some then decided I couldn't be arsed... how much are they ?
I just luuuurve the bars! They are both delish!

I have a shake every morning and then a bar for lunch. I like the feeling of eating something (all in the head) but it makes the day really easy to manage.

The bars are £2.29 each from Rowlands, but they are my life saver! My favourite is the caramel fudge flavour, but berry fudge is also really really nice.

Try em!



Eloquent hooligan
Nice one Linz :D

May give em a go... :)
hi - I've not tried them yet, don't have a Rowlands in Perth, so it's not so easy to get hold of the stuff (ordered starter pack online). However, they do seem really expensive and Tesco have the Atkins bars on special just now (well online shopping they do!), so I've ordered a box of them to come today in the hope that they have much they same carb and cals as the CS ones. If they're yuck, then no great loss I guess.

None of these "replacement" shakes, soups or bars taste brilliant, unfortunately, usually just OK. I did Lighter Life last year and all I could manage for 12 weeks was the strawberry shake two or three times a day and their nut bar at night (couldn't stand any other shake or soup or bar) - how exciting for 12 weeks solid! So I'm really looking forward to the CS diet as their is some "real" food and snacks with much the same weight loss per month - hooray!!!

Good luck x
Hi Al

Know what you mean about the LL shakes - I tried LL and CD but the shakes gave me the boak! However, the CS shakes seem finer and I find them a bit more palatable (actually, I really enjoy them as I have such a sweet tooth!) I also like they can be mixed in the shaker, I couldn't get my LL or CD shakes to mix properly without a blender!

The bars are much nicer than the LL and CD ones too - they are actually quite delish! Bet Atkins ones will be lush too though, might try one myself and see

Have you started then yet? I have my first weigh in Tuesday - can't wait!

Good luck!
ive got the atkins bars there from 2.01 carb to 3.5 and about 150 cals the almond ones are nice and the choc chip lot of chewing to get through, there £3.75 for 5 at tesco and at boots there £5,50 but buy 2 get one free , the indulgence bars are nice bit dence but last a while , i did see on some forum that you can have atkins bars but i cant find the forum which is typical of me lol
Hi L - starting on Monday coming, was going to start Monday past but got a horrible ear and throat virus on Sunday night, so thought best I wait until it had cleared up before embarking on CS! I've been having 2 or 3 lemsips each day and at least a dozen or so throat sweeties, so as they're full of sugar I thought it best to not waste my starter pack!

Can't wait to get started though, reading this forum is great and full of great advice and tips. The first week weight loses look fab too and I really hope to get rid of around 6-7lbs in my first week and maybe around 2lbs thereafter. I did LL for 12 weeks last Jul/Aug/Sept last year, but our family holiday to Majorca was during wk 13, so I decided from the off that I'd only do 12 weeks and then eat "normally" to shift that last stone for Christmas - this didn't happen! I've put 10lbs back on over the festive period, so I'm now looking to shift around 2 stone for Spring - here's hoping!

Good luck and I'll let you know how I get on with my Atkins bar (think it's the coffee nutty one I've ordered, but knowing Tesco, it may not be in with my shopping if out of stock!).
the coffee nutty one has almonds it tastes really nice and if you have it with a coffee is filing i also like the choc chip one as it takes a while to eat i got some indulgence bars in boots and im going to have one sunday when family is having some thing sweet, im sure you wil do well on cs im the worlds worse dieter and ive been doing it since tuseday and havent found it too hard
Hi Sharon Kim, thanks for that, I'm looking forward to trying the bar now! Glad to hear you've not found week one too bad - that's great for me to hear!

I'm no great dieter either! I've struggled with my weight since my teens, lost it all in my 20's and put it and more back on in my late 20's, then had 2 kids - blah, blah, blah!!!

I think you've sometimes to hit "rock bottom" before you're in the zone to really be determined to lose the weight, otherwise it just doesn't seem to happen. I hit rock bottom last June at a work friend's wedding, the zip of the dress I bought (size 20) went on the night, I was sooo embarrased and my friends assured me it was a faulty zip - but it wasn't, I know they we're only trying to make me feel better but they did manage to get it to go back up again, but it happened about three times in all during the evening. That was the straw that broke the camel's back for me, I'd been really unhappy with my weight and they way I looked for ages before hand, saw a Lighter Life ad on tv and within a week was doing the programme, which worked. I've not put too much back on but when I finished LL, I still had a stone to lose, so now it's nearer 2 stones.

Again, I saw an ad on tv, this time for CS and it sounded perfect for me, not as strick or as expensive as LL, so here I am about to embark on my CS journey with you all! I feel as determined to succeed as I did last summer and I'm excited to begin the jorney in losing the last of my fat!

By they way, I see you live in West Yorkshire - lucky you, I love it there. We have family (hubby's brother, wife and kids) in Halifax and visit in the area one or two times a year with the kids. We tend to stay in a cottage in Haworth/Oxenhope in W.Yorks and adore it for a week at a time, or if it's just for a couple of night some local hotel!
i live not far from halifax in queensburry but i used to have a shop in haworth on mill hey near the train station , ive done every diet known to man lol i did lose 4 stone on atkins and kept it off for about 4yrs, the rock bottom for me was when i split with my husband instead of losing weight like most people i put it on and on till i was back to square one now im trying to get rid of the same 4 stone but this time im not going to put it back on
Hi Sharon Kim, I had a friend who's husband left her and their 3 kids a few years back and she lost a bit of weight in the first few months but has gradually over the past few years put on loads, so you're not the only one hun. She's doing WW just now but is getting no-where, so I'm seeing her on Wednesday and I'm going to see if she wants to do CS with me - bit of moral support!

You sound really determined and motivated and I'm sure you WILL lose that 4 stone - good for you taking the first, positive step x
i am determind to lose it its like taking my life back regaining controll for the first time in yrs, ive tried ww and didnt lose anything i prefer some thing that is more regimented cos if i can pick and chose im picking every thing that looks and tastes good, my girls tell me you have lost 17st of ugly fat already so how hard can 4 be lol
Great attitude girl - you go and you do it for you x
Hi all....I am just starting week 2 and thought I would buy a couple of bars to see what I thought. I had half a berry bar for snack today and have to say I really liked it. I hated the CD ones ..so boost!
there worth it if you like them gives you some thing to look forward too


Eloquent hooligan
Just bought some & had my 1st choc fudge... it was gorgeous :D

Too gorgeous as I could easily demolish another 3 right now lol :eek:
I feel your pain mister! I have just devoured my choc fudge and I ate it too quickly - luckily I have none left til tomorrow as I could be tempted!

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