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BBC R4 show on dieting with funny poem

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Hi all,

I was driving back from my first ever visit to my new Cambridge Counsellor and this show came on the radio all about weight loss, obesity and dieting (spooky, eh?!).

It was really, really interesting and there was a section where they spoke to poet Mia Jerome who recited one of her poems about dieting - I thought it was absolutely hilarious!!

I strongly urge anyone interested to give it a listen here:
BBC - BBC Radio 4 Programmes - Woman's Hour, 05/01/2011

The show lasts 45 minutes and the format is:

Listeners' Diet Stories - A montage of listeners' crazy diet stories.

Diets – How Much Is All in the Mind?

Comedienne Arabella Weir is famous for her Fast Show catchphrase “Does my bum look big in this?” Her obsession with weight has dominated her love-life and career. She talks about her neurotic relationship with food, her parents’ disapproval of her eating habits and her extreme discomfort at being labelled a “fat daughter.” To what extent is the ability to diet all in the mind? Jane Ogden, Professor of Health Psychology at the University of Surrey joins Jenni to discuss the issue.

The History and Business of Dieting

In 1863 a formerly obese undertaker called William Banting published “A Letter On Corpulence”. In it he recounted all of his unsuccessful fasts, spa and exercise regimes, then described the dietary change which finally worked for him; four meals per day, consisting of meat, greens, fruits, and dry wine. So was Banting the first person to stumble upon a weight-loss regime? When did modern diets as we know them – weight-loss programmes - first become popular? When did they become money-spinners? And how much has the diet business within the UK come to be worth? Jenni discusses with Dr. Helen Crawley, Reader in Nutrition Policy at the University of London; and Dr. David Haslam, Chair of the National Obesity Forum.

Mia Jerome - Performance Poet

Performance poet Mia Jerome’s motto is "I eat... therefore I am fat!" She joins Jenni to perform her poem “Resolutely Overweight (A decade of dieting).

The Science of Dieting – What’s the solution? Quantity, food groups, power of the mind?

We’re forever being bombarded with headlines about the growing numbers of obese adults and children in the UK. But who should be dieting? And how? Is the solution to cut down on quantities, or carbs or fats, or cut out certain foods altogether? What are the facts, the real science behind what the dieting myths we read?
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Ohh thanks for this! im listening to it now.


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Sounds good Miss Laura, I'll catch it tomorrow while I'm doing the dreaded ironing! Thanks for post.

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