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Be naughty or Re-feed?

In a couple of weeks time my daughter will be getting exam results and we promised to take her out to dinner - whatever the results. I have decided that I'm not gonna sit there drinking water while everyone has lovely Italian food, so should I re-feed the week before or just be bad and have 2 shakes that day and a nice meal in the evening? If I just eat without re-feeding, will it have a massive effect? Will I put on weight even if I've been good the rest of the weeK? I know the sensible thing to do is re-feed, but don't know if its worth it for just 1 meal? Has anyone had any similar experiences?:confused:
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Hi sunpup.....all i know is that i did that last year when i was on LT......i had been really good for 3 weeks then my friend organised a big picnic in the park for all the kids and i ended up eating. I didnt have that much really, but Oh My God....within 25 mins i had the most painful stomach cramps and had to leg it to the nearest public loos where i stayed for the next 30mins,.......very embarassing.......I think you are best re-feeding to get you tummy used to food again. This is just my opinion though and you may be totally fine!
Good luck! xx
hmm.. i think just to be on the safe side you should refeed for a couple of days at least because your stomach needs to get used to food. Personally, in the past when I have eaten without refeeding its not given me a bad stomach or anything.. but i did have a tummy ache after and I could barely eat anything to start off with. You may want to let your stomach adjust. You will go out of ketosis tho, so it could be the case that you may not put on any weight but you probably wont lose any more that week or something. I think each individual is different. personal experience I know that I have eaten 2 days in a row and not put on even a lb. I didnt lose but got back into ketosis within 2 days again... so as you can see it does vary. Its just the fact that its the 1 meal! maybe what you could do is just keep it light and stick to more protein rather than carbs... ?? hopefully someone will be able to give you better advice than that xx
oh, also. I didnt refeed properly at all and was off LT for 2 weeks and only put 4lbs on (after eating like a pig) which Ive lost within a week. you will only be having the one meal so I dont think its gonna cause that much damage xx
Thanks for that FBTB & WillBeThin. I certainly don't want to spoil the celebration by having tummy aches but I don't know if I want to go through the whole refeeding process for the sake of 1 meal. I think your suggestion of maybe refeeding for a couple of days might be the best solution. But will I find it really hard to get back into ketosis again? I was absolutely starving the 1st 2 days and only this forum kept me on the straight and narrow! I don't know if I could go through all that again!:eek:
well, maybe the best thing is to have a some chicken breast the day before...that way, your tummy has something in it to get used to but you wont do much damage!....just a thought :0)
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I did try to post on this before, but the comp crashed! If you really feel that you want to eat on the day, then the best thing is to keep to protein and protein only. If you re-feed too early before, you might find it difficult to get back into ketosis, and it is only for one meal. As someone else has suggested, perhaps it would be a good idea to just have a little bit of protein the day before to get your tummy used to food. I personally wouldn't break the diet, but then that is just me. At the end of the day it is up to you what you want to do on the day, but surely just being there with your daughter is what is important, what you eat or don't eat doesn't really matter, but that is just my opinion. Either way, enjoy the day x x
I know what you're saying Eclipse and I feel I'm letting myself down a bit but also looking forward to a proper meal - if that makes sense!:wave_cry: I think I might have some chicken the day before to get used to food. I just hope I don't go off LT altogether!
Sensible answer is refeed BUT personally I would just do 2 shakes & a chicken breast option for the meal. I am sure you cant do too much damage with that as long as you dont go mad & have a 3 course of everything thats bad ;-0
Good luck with it hun
It depends on what you're planning on eating at the meal. If it's pasta you'll be much better off refeeding and yes you will have to go through the first few days again as that's carb-loaded and will deffo knock you out of the big K
To be honest I would love a big plate of pasta or steak & garlic potatoes but I know that's totally pushing it! (But I can dream!) I will probably try to limit the damage by having chicken.
Thanks all for the advice.
Defintely refeed otherwise your tummy wont know what hit it and ya might spend the entire time on the loo instead of having your lovely meal...
Well if it's an italian restaurant then they will definitely have some sort of meal with chicken and a tomato based sauce! You could order that and maybe a side order of veg but you shouldn't even feel hungry and probably feel full very fast!!!! Oh and as others have said...... AVOID any carbs like the plague!!!!! I plan on doing something similar for Valentines, so i'm going italian too lol xxxxxx good luck hun xxxxxx
Hey Sunpup,
I cheated in week 2 (1/2 potatoe crocquet and some rissotto). No tummy problems, but it did take about 3 days to get back into ketosis. I did loose that week, but only 2lbs.
If I was in the same situation again, I would phone and see if the kitchen could come up with a nice dish that involved only the veggies and protein that can keep you out of ketosis a bit longer... I think there is a list on the site somewhere.
well done and keep at it :)

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