Bean sprouts low carb??

Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by Foosey, 8 June 2009 Social URL.

  1. Foosey

    Foosey Full Member

    Can anyone tell me if bean sprouts are low carb?
    I have looked in the internet but each site seems to contradict the other

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  3. lisalulu

    lisalulu Silver Member

    Oooh I love beansprouts! Hope they are low carb, would live on stirfry for my 810 week!
  4. Mia

    Mia Skinny girl in a fat body

    That's what I was thinking of for my 810 week. I love prawn or chicken stir fry - I eat a massive wok load:D
  5. Foosey

    Foosey Full Member

    Hi Mia just noticed your quote is in turkish. Is your OH turkish
    Nice quote by the way
  6. Mia

    Mia Skinny girl in a fat body

    Thank you;). Yes, he is. You seem to know Turkish, is you OH turkish too?
  7. tillyfloss

    tillyfloss Gold Member

    I love prawns and was discussing them with my CDC yesterday...
    You will have to wait longer than the 810 week for them though :(

    They don't appear int he book till 1000 or 1200 I think!!

    Don't know about bean sprouts though

  8. Foosey

    Foosey Full Member

    Yep he is, small world huh.
  9. Foosey

    Foosey Full Member

    So on one knows if bean sprouts are low carb then?
  10. Lexie_dog


    both of my favourite things. Right here. In this post. :cry:I promise post CD I will not eat bad foods if I can have seafood and beansprouts again.

    Foosey depends on what you read, but most UK sites give you an average cab count of 3-4g carbs per 100g.

    see Food Focus - Permanent Weight Loss for the NV's quoted. You might have to register but it is free
  11. Foosey

    Foosey Full Member

    Thanks Lexie, so that dont sound too bad then. I have a birthday meal out on Saturday and its chinese. I was trying to work out before I went what I could eat and still stay on Ketosis.
    Thanks again xx
  12. Lexie_dog


    Be careful with chinese beansprouts - they may well add sugar, oyster sauce and cornflour to them. Ask, my chinese do them this way and thats what they consider "dry" without gravy. Obviously will vary place to place mind.

    It amazed me the sugar that goes in everything, even noodles. Its why when people on WW say 4.5 points for a mushroom chow mein, its really not, it actually rather more calorific than the points they think it is.
  13. Count210

    Count210 Full Member

    Hi Foosey,

    Had my 810 week a couple of weeks ago (a bit early) and had a chinese that week. I had beansprouts, sweet/sour tofu and schezuan(sp!) veg ( I am vegetarian). I spoke to the lady at the chinese and asked her to leave out the MSG from all the dishes. MSG is very high in carbs and seems to be in most chinese foods. I was amazed how much nicer and fresher everything tasted. The sweet/sour sauce was far less thick and really yum. It did not knock me out of ketosis, but it does take quite a lot to knock me out though.
    Have a lovely meal out.
  14. Lexie_dog


    Interesting. I had always thought MSG was a salt/flavouring and had no nutritional content. other than the sodium. Can you show me the info on how its carby, as I had always assumed it was just the health scare aspect people always asked for it to be ommited for? Certainly the place I worked in only used a tip of a spoon to flavour rouhghly equivalent to the amount of salt put in.

    Its usually cornflour used to thicken Sweet and Sour sauce, and sugar to create a thick sugar (hence the "sweet" component to sweet and sour)
  15. Foosey

    Foosey Full Member

    Thanks all for your responses.
    Thanks Count I will hopefully enjoy it.
    I spoke to my CDC today and she said they were a good choice to make.
    Thanks again everyone. xxx
  16. Count210

    Count210 Full Member

    Lexie dog,

    Just following what my CDC said as I told her I was having my week off, and said I would have the chinese.
    Not claiming to be a nutritionist, just following her advice and passing on what she said about staying away from MSG in her Carb Counter book. My chinese was tasty and the sweet and sour was far less gloopy and it was yum, that is all that matters to me!

    You obviously know your stuff though!
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  17. Berryred

    Berryred Gold Member

    whats msg???

    glad OP got answer x
  18. Lexie_dog


  19. Lexie_dog


    Oh it wasn't a critism at all! I've genuinely never heard of it as a carb source so am curious as to how its been become to be known as a sugar as its a salt/amino acid compund. From working in a chinese the most common request for MSG to be left out is due to the whole "makes you blind thing" (more of which can be found here) but its a very small amount used in the dishes and people will commonly eat supermarket products laden with MSG under a different name, I mean its in almost everything.

    Glad you enjoyed your meal though! And again no critism meant.

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