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Beating myself up.........help please


Want to be a yummy mummy!
S: 13st10lb C: 13st10lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 33 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Well, after my infamous birthday weekend, I decided that I am back on the wagon and back on Cambridge full stop - to lose the last 9lbs.

Im really in two minds. I want that control feeling of not eating, but then again, i want to eat, I want to eat normally, healthily, I want to treat myself to a prawn and avocado sandwich!

I am 10 stone 7/8 now - and a healthy size 12. My BMI is 26 I think, apparently 25 is healthy and i need to lose another 5 lbs or so for it to be 25.

So what do I do? Do i stop beating myself up about food, eat really healthy during the week and have a treat at the weekend?

Im so scared about putting the weight back on, it has really messed up my mind.

I feel guilty for thinking about eating food - i really do - it feels like a Sin! I sat in the cinema the other night having some pic and mix and felt so guilty - why should i? Im young and single and should be able to treat myself once in a while!

I just am so confused - i need to get things into perspective without going overboard and ending up letting myself eat my way back to a size 16.

Any thoughts? I really need to sort my head out.

I wont have the sandwich - im not that hungry anyway.


P.s - I should be on my aam week now? its week.........5 now. I just want to start eating HEALTHY now - will it work or do you have to do aam?

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I ate my willpower!
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I am planning to do WW to maintain my weight when I have lost it. That way - you can be good during the week and save points for your weekend treat and know that you are still in control of your eating. The reason I am not using WW for loosing weight is that it takes to long. I hope that this helps x
I thought 25-27 was a healthy BMI? (please check this and don't take my word for it!) In which case you are in a perfect place to begin eating healthily in a controlled way.
Space Angel - WW sounds like a good idea, would love to know how you get on with that.

Jeani x
i can really empathises with you, i am also a healty size 12 and about 11.7lbs (having been 16.7lbs and a good 20/22). I feel good, I am told I look good ( sometimes I can see it) but I still feel fat!!
I still see food as the enemy and have daily battles with it, some days I win, some I dont.
I constantly battle with the urge to SS and see the scales going down and then a vioce of reason says "just eat a healthy balanced diet ( which actually does include pic"n" mix, cake ,etc) ,exercise a bit and you will be fine" but I seldom trust her and then I seem to self sabbotage.
I really want to accept the new me and sometimes play a game called "eat like a slim person" it includes things like, eat when your hungry, stop when your full, eat what you really want etc" all good mr p MACKENNA stuff, but then old "fat" me barges in and spoils it.
I am really looking forward to my LLC session on sunday as I have so much to discuss!! Will let you know what i discover as I always find out new things that I wasnt aware of before!!
You're at my target weight Lauren and I really hope by then I'll be eating healthily and happy with being a healthy size 12.

I suppose you need to ask yourself how much do you want to lose that 9lb. We all probably have to ask ourselves that at some point whether it be 9lb, 2 stone, 6 stone. Temptation is always going to be there and it's whether you want the weightloss more than the food.

I don't think I'd be SS with just 9lb to go until goal. I think I'd rather be introducing healthy food options and the weight come off that bit slower but with the continued help and support from my CDC.

For me it's not just about getting thin but also changing the foods I choose to eat.

You'll make the right decision for you - and you look great by the way.:)
You've just voiced my fears Lauren, I want to view this as my last big diet. And I know I will be wanting food as soon as I am allowed any. Perhaps if your body is really telling you it is ready for food you should be doing 790 for these last few weeks.
I think if you set rules for yourself that are realistic, like you have suggested there 5 days of healthy eating and 2 of freedom, you have a good chance of keeping to it. Because then if you get a craving for something naughty you can tell yourself OK but not until treat day.

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