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Because i want or because i need??


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Hello Everyone!
Im sat here reading everyones posts and makes me really feel like im part of something special and something i really want to stick with!!

But im having a few little problems.. i have been told that i shouldnt exercise etc etc and whip up a sweat, but if i dont exercise then i get bored VERY quickly and i feel very sluggish and get quite depressed. To most it can only be a good thing that i want to be active and exercise daily but it does trigger off me being hungry. My exercise routines are working and they are really toning up my body and skin.

I stick to either 3 shakes or one bar and 2 shakes a day along with 5 litres of water. But all i want is to be able to eat something and still loose weight.

Would i be able to have plain chicken /fish and my shakes or would that be completely off limits? I wouldnt want to have the choice of being able to eat anything else and if i could have those 2 then i know i would be able to stick to just that.

OR Shall i just work though my hunger pangs and see how i get on??

Sorry about the waffel again! Any advise would be fantastic!

Ziggy x
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Why not try 790 instead? Loads of people have been on here singing its praises as you lose almost the same as on SS anyway. it means you can have 3 shakes/2 shakes and a bar plus a small protein and veg meal in the evening. I'm on 790 and I'm still losing.


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Why not try 790 instead? Loads of people have been on here singing its praises as you lose almost the same as on SS anyway. it means you can have 3 shakes/2 shakes and a bar plus a small protein and veg meal in the evening. I'm on 790 and I'm still losing.

But no muffins eh Jubbly???!!! :D :D Only joking! I too am a great avocatt of the 790 plan - as it also allows you to be socialable and eat with family/friends whether at home or out.

So Ziggy add some chicken or white fish - look at page 8/9 of yr yellow book and enjoy! Especially if you are doing exercise as well.


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Im worried about moving onto anything other than my 3 shakes, i know that if i have a choice of what i can have i will go crazy with it! And i still have so so much to loose that i dont want to take my foot off the gas now. I desperately want to loose my weight by maybe june next year, i know that if all i can have is chicken i will stick to it.

But am i just making up excuses to eat??ARGH!!!



Yo-yo dieter here for the gazillionth time
Only you can decide but you just can't overdo it on the exercise if you are SSing as it's not good for you. You'll have to take up another hobby instead!! The choices are not that diverse on 790 either - just chicken/turkey/quorn/cottage cheese/fish with green veg.


Hi we can exercise just more gentley,if you need to wxercise do but dont push it too much,well done on your enthusium


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This is pretty much what i was asking in the thread i just posted! If i knew i could have a bit of protein i think it would be easier for me! Maybe not everyday, just on the days that i'm struggling! I dont know if i'm making excuses or if it's just cause i'm not in full ketosis yet! Urghh! This is so hard but i know its SO works!!:(


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Hi Again,
Yeah i think a bit of protein would help me along too. When i came offline a few hours ago i thought f**k it! i'll eat tonight and start again tomorrow. I got changed and got in the car, pulled up to mcdonalds ( my fav) and then i have no idea why but i drove through the drive through, ordered nothing and just drove back home... now to be honest i have done this before and ordered £8 worth of chips and burgers to eat all alone in my house!

What made me turn around and drive home?? I have no idea at all, all i know is that all i want to do is eat, and when i got there i backed out... I emailed my CDC and told her about how much i am craving food and then she suggested 790. But now thinking about it i think it will be a bad move, all i am really doing is making excuses for me to eat.

I could have ate a massive dinner of burgers and chips but i chose not too and have come back. I wasnt/ still am not hungry now so i think i will stick to SS and reach my goal.

Just wanted to keep you guys posted! Thank you so much for your responces :) xx


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Hi Ziggy, I dont know about you, but I soon realised that 'hunger' for me was more psychological than anything else...well done on driving thru maccy d's and buying nothing!! Is horrible cos I bring my daughter there sometimes and have been kidding myself that I could have like a caesar salad or something.....even went and checked out the nutrition content the other day!! Thankfully I have not given in so far!!Once your in ketosis, you shouldnt really be hungry for real food, and TBH for me it was the perfect time to think about WHY I eat, a lot of the time it was boredom, frustration, anger etc, because things seemed to be going wrong all around me and food was the only thing I could control (in a really negative way!!) At least now food is not an issue, so I can look at other things instead, if that makes sense!

Hopefully you will manage to stick to the plan, but if you find SS is not for you then definately try one of the other plans, obviously after giving it a couple of weeks!! This diet is not easy by any means....but you know the results are so worth the effort...as someone said to me somewhere here before...you can have watever you want, whenever you want....but it means your goal gets further and further away....good luck hun!!


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Ziggy, I exercise all the time - quite a lot. I've always exercised and like you I get bored if I don't. Since SSing I have a lot more free time (not eating/shopping/cooking) and if anything I'm doing even more exercise than before. I am careful not to really go for it though. I try and keep it gentle. So far this does not seem to have affected my weight loss..... which in fact, appears to have been above average (although I'm sure it will even out over time).