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Becca's WW Diary

well, i thought i'd start my own diary here. i'm hoping it will help me stay on track.

i went back to my old ww meeting yesterday and was 1.5lb heavier than i was at my last sw meeting, which isn't too bad going, i guess.

my official start weight is 11st 13.5lb and i do not intend on being this heavy ever again.

today has been ok. i'm in a really good mood despite being a bit more hungry than i'm used to being on sw. i feel like i'm in control of what i'm eating and i'm already feeling positive about next tuesday's weigh in :)

had a ww chicken tikka for dinner with two ww naan breads. normally, i'd just have one, but there was no one home to have the other and i know it would only end up going to waste if i didn't eat it today. i had enough points, so i figured i might as well use them!
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today's food:

breakfast - 2x weetabix (2points) with skimmed milk (0.5point) - 2.5points

lunch - 2x slice crustless bread (1.5points), laughing cow light triangle (0.5point) and wafer thin ham (1point) - 3 points

snacks - ww choc & vanilla mousse (2 points), small fruit salad (0.5point) - 2.5points

dinner - ww chicken tikka (5.5points) with 2x ww naan bread (5points) - 10.5points

total - 18.5/20

exercise - 30 minutes cardio at the gym: 20 minutes interval training on the treadmill + 10 minutes interval training on the recumbent bike.

no idea how many points my exercise equates to... it was pretty high intensity, so 2.5 or 3 maybe? i have no idea how bonus points are worked out nowadays!!
3 points if you class it as medium intensity to be safe :) xxx
thank you very much! it's been years since i last "pointed" any exercise, so i'm a bit out of touch with it all!

not that it matters - i very rarely use any exercise points for food anyway!
its nice to know though, cause if you do have a wobble you have those 3 points to keep you safe :D xxx
well... day 3. still going well. i've managed to stay within my points so far and haven't felt deprived.

i had minstrels today. and maltesers. naughty, i know, but i was having a really stressful day at work and my whole body was aching for chocolate! i stood looking at the vending machine for what felt like hours (minutes, probably) before deciding that i couldn't choose between the two and bought both!

still... at least i stayed within my points!

am i the only person who actually doesn't enjoy this warm weather too much? don't get me wrong... it's nice to have a bit of sunshine, but i always feel worst during the summer.

i don't wear skirts. or shorts. or anything summery. i live in black/grey trousers. i have one pair of jeans... but i think they make my bum look big so don't wear them often.

i don't mind my top half too much - i live in vest tops and i'm not worried about showing off my bingo wings... but i hate my legs. it doesn't help that i'm so pale i'm practically transparent. my legs aren't white - they're almost blue! fat and blue.

so i don't like summer much... i spend the whole time sweating out the calories in trousers and looking like a fool while everyone else walks around in skirts and shorts and pretty summery outfits that i would never have the guts to wear!!

my other half wants me to buy summer clothes... he loves my legs (and my other wobbly bits) and would give anything to see me in a skirt.

i swear... this will be the last summer i spend being too embarrassed to dress comfortably.
hun, if i can walk about in a skirt at 212lbs then you can :) try a skirt with some skin coloured tights - its weird but amazing how much your mind thinks you're less naked just cause you have tights on :)

or could you not wear a skirt with leggings? they do some lovely lace leggings :) x
thanks blackwidow... but i really hate my legs :( i can't even wear leggings - i don't wear anything that fits close against my legs :(

it's a confidence/self-esteem thing more than anything else, i know... the rational part of my knows that i can't possibly look as bad as i think i do... just not brave enough to ignore the irrational part of me!!
its 2010 though, time for a new resolution :)

what do you do on holiday? do you not wear swimwear? x
aaaaaaalso, maxi dresses are in this year? :D *nods*
lol, i don't really go on holiday :( the other half is a student (graduating this year) so we can't really afford holidays :( we went to Greece is 2007 and i wore bikinis!! i was a quite a bit slimmer than i am now though... and Greece had the added benefit of being hundreds and hundreds of miles away from anyone who i ever have to worry about seeing again! lol!!

however... hold on to your hats, ladies... i wore a skirt today!! i hated every second, but that's not the point! we decided to go to Rochester for the Dickens Festival today and i got dressed in jeans and a vest top this morning, ready to go... we ended up popping into Matalan to buy a skirt because it was just hot, my jeans were far too uncomfortable!

i felt really self-conscious in my new skirt (had to buy some new shoes too, naturally... lol) but i was much more comfortable (heat-wise) than i was in my jeans!

had a bit of a diet fail though - Rochester has a lovely little sweet shop and they sell the most delicious fudge... lets just say i'll be eating a lot of salad between now and Tuesday's weigh in!!
well... just a quick update. i was planning to sign up for a monthly pass on Tuesday before my meeting (to save the maximum amount of money - i joined my old meeting with a voucher that gave me free registration and free meeting, so it cost me nothing... and intended to sign up for monthly pass on tuesday so that i paid £12.95 for the month and essentially got another week free) but i decided to sign up online today so that i could work out the points for my fudge disaster...

i know esource isn't always accurate, but it's better than not being able to track it at all - i've got the books and stuff... but i just don't have the patience to keep going through them!!

anyway... it turns out my fudge disaster wasn't such a disaster after all!! when i got home from the Dickens Festival, i had a delicious tomato and basil chicken and pasta salad for my dinner (not normally the kind of thing i'd go for, but it was delicious and only 5 points!!) and even with the fudge, i've only gone over by 1point today!!
aww thats brill Becca well done :D

and really well done on the skirt - the more you wear them the more comfortable you will become :) xxx
well... another first today - i went to a korfball tournament and managed to stay within my points!

my other half is a korfballer and, occasionally, i get dragged along to the summer tournaments... which isn't too bad (i get to take photos and sit in the sun!), but they always have a bbq and boredom sets in by about lunch time, so i usually end up eating lots of things that aren't bad for me.

today, since i really want to have a good weigh in on tuesday (starting to get a bit nervous about it actually!) i decided to take my own food and avoid the greasy burgers. so i had a ww blt sandwich and some french fries crisps. not a single burger.

i rewarded myself (and my other half) with a chinese for dinner, because i couldn't be bothered to cook and had a plain chow mein and mini veg spring rolls :)

very pleased with myself.

of course, i'll be devestated now if i don't have a good weigh in result on tuesday!!
whats korfball? :)
Welcome Becca!

I think i would enjoy the heat more if i was skinny:D So i'm joining you and i swear too, this will be the last summer i spend being too embarrassed to dress comfortably :) xx
i'm sure we'll both be much happier next summer, emma!

blackwidow - korfball is a dutch game... it's kind of like a cross between netball and basketball, but much faster than netball. i've been with my other half for 5 years and i still don't know all the rules... so i can't explain it much better than that! lol.

i'm having a bad day. not diet-wise. i've stuck to my points. but work has really stressed me out. i feel like quitting. i'm a supervisor and one of my team members is driving me up the wall. she does as little work as possible, blames it on her health (she had a kidney removed at the beginning of the year, but she's fine now, really) and now she's gone and joined a union so we have to be even more careful with how we deal with her than we did before! i resent working so hard while someone sits around complaining and doing very little!!

i'm also still very disappointed with yesterday's weigh in result. after being so good all week, i only lost half a pound :( if i'd known i was going to get a crap result, i wouldn't have bothered pointing the fudge i ate at the weekend! i would have had extra fudge and followed it with a pizza!! ... probably a good thing i *didn't* know it was going to be a crap result!

i moved over from Slimming World because my weight loss was so slow... i reallly expected more than half a pound this week. don't get me wrong, i wasn't expecting a massive loss, but i was hoping to lose a pound.

my goal for June was to lose 7lb and now i feel like it's impossible!! hasn't done much for my motivation :(
i'm also still very disappointed with yesterday's weigh in result. after being so good all week, i only lost half a pound :(
Aaah hun, dont be disheartened. I know it can be so frustrating!

0.5lbs loss isnt bad at all - it's a loss!!!! :D You should be proud for losing it:) Well done!!!

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