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Is it me your looking for? I am looking after my husband....

I start CD tomorrow morning :eek:

If it isn't me appologies :D


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yes it is :)

i started yesterday. How is your husband? does his daily care mean you egt very stressed?


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I'm lucky actually his care is getting less and lesss now. Last year he was diagnosed with cancer you see and so i cared for him whilst he had his 1st op and then his chemo and now his 2nd op. The worst is the monthly appointments always wondering if it is back again, the endless tests as well. It is stressful though. I love my husband dearly but spending thismuch time with him is difficult ;) We get very narky with each other. Sometimes its the little things that get to me the most, thats why i worry about doing this now but unfortunately we cant have children anymore due to his ops/chemo and so have to have IVF and i need a low BMI for that. We both really want it as well so i have to do something about it!

How is your hubby? DO you find it difficult/stressful? I know for ages i couldn't tell anyone how i felt as i always felt no matter what i go through its nothing compared to him but it is hard for the partners too! Now i take all the help i can!



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Wow very stressful. there is also a nagging voice in my head going 'is this the right time?' I tried to do LL about 2 years ago, but that is when Peter got really bad and ended up in end stage/couple of weeks to live, before his open heart surgery which saved him. obviously during that time dieting was the last thing on my mind. Now he is stable, i really need to do this, as my weight is very unhealthy, and as Peters life expectancy after transplant wont be as high as a normal persons (by todays stats he should reach his 50's, he is 27 now, but medical advances means he could live longer) I need to do soemthing NOW so I know I have given myself and my family the best chance of having at least one parent around for longer.

It can get very stressful as he needs 24hour care, but we do have a team of carers, but during the day between school runs he mainly sleeps, and i used to snack a lot. I have put on about a stone since he came home from hospital last year.

I will keep spurring you on, to do this to have kids is amazing, and I hope you reach your goal quickly.



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Thank you Sarah i do hope we can get there quickly too, it would mean so much to us both :)

I can completely understand why dieting was the last thing on your mind i dont think anyone could have done it under those circumstances.

Our DH's are actually similar in ages too, my DH is 29 in July this year :) He is also looking at a reduced life expectancy because of his chemo as its scarred his lungs and it damages your heart. Its hard to come to terms with as a partner never mind what they must feel xxx

I think we have similar weights to lose as well... So i am just overweight i need to lose around 80lbs and then to be in the normal range its around 110 - 130


P.s will add you to my buddy list! Not sure what it does but i think it will let me know when your online and such xxx


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Because of the drugs he will need after transplant he is at risk of developing cancer as well. The men in our lives are so young to be going through this.

I have 6 stone to lose to be in a healthy range, but my first goal is to get to 13stone by the end of july. seems ages away saying it like that, but i know it will fly by, and the girls will be on school holidays quicker than i can snap my fingers lol.

I am actually looking forward to the 6 weeks hols this year, as it will mean 6 weeks without seeing school gate mums and i want them to look like :eek: when they see me hehehe.


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When you go back after those six week they really will be :eek: :eek: :eek: You'll look fab by then :D

It does seem that they are too young to be going through it and its also the sort of thing that happens to other people too... I guess whats happened has happened though and you have to cope, if only there was a button you could press the world stops and you could get off for half an hour it would be bliss :D

My first goal is 3st off i can't remember the last time i was 15 anything :eek: I'm currently 18st.12 and need to be around 13st for our IVF and to be healthy around 10st.7. It does feel a long way off sometimes but i have told myself one day at a time and just keep going :)


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sorry to butt in..

sorry to hear both your situations with your poorly hubby's... My dad was diagnosed with bladder cancer 12 months ago & has just got the all clear (he's 73!) my Aunty was diagnosed Feb with terminal cancer and has 6 - 12 months to live - even finding that out was upsetting & stressful without having to live a care for the sick.

Just wanted to tell you both how proud you should be embarking on the programme, lots of luck to you both :) xx xx


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Thank you Irene and Clucks :D Everyone is so supportive on here its amazing, i am so glad my CDC gave me the link. I know when i've done this i'l be able to say its down to people i've met on here :cry:

Thank you your support means a lot :)


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It means a lot to me as well :) thank you.

you girls have to promise to boot me up the butt if i ever feel i am slipping. Yorkiegirl has been a great inspiration, she is doing LL and doing so so well :)


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Misdee & Bekie, I take my hat off to both of you, to be caring 24/7 for someone is enough to send anyone of the rails. You must both be very very strong ladies, I applaud you for starting your diets.
I hope you both get to your goals very soon.
If you need anything at all, you know we are all here for you both. xx


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Misdee - :D I will defintely be there with my new and very gorgeous pointy toed shoe if you start to slip :D I hope you'll do the same for me too :D

Sonkie - Thank you :) I hope you achieve your goal quickly too! Every bit of support is so much appreciated :)


finding my way again !
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hi girls ,
just want to add my support to you both & say what wonderfull people you are, i choose to look after sick people (i'm a nurse) & find it stressful at times, but this had been forced upon you, no choice, at least i can go home but you r there 24/7. I applaude you whole heartedly, may success come your way ( & to you dh's too )


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Thank you pandora :) All these lovely messages i'll be :cry: in no time again :) Its strange because after evrything thats happened i've always said i clearly dont have the right mentality for nursing (something i wanted to do a lot) because i can get narky and stressed and sometimes dont feel like doing one job or another!! Admire you very much for the job you do :)


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I considered nursing a few years ago, but for now i think I have seen enough of hospitals. I think it is something I may look into in the future but not right now :) some of them are real angels, Peter is a minor celeb amongs the cardio nurses, and its almost fun to see him in hospital as they spoil him rotton lol.

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