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  1. Becktoria79

    Becktoria79 Gold Member

    Hi everyone,
    It's been a long time since I posted on minimins, I had a diary on the SF forum a couple of years ago but I kind of lost my way and gained a stone and half in that time. I got engaged last August and initially it was the boost I needed, I lost 1st between September and Christmas. However we spent Xmas away and then when we got back I had a uni assignment to write and I am a total emotional eater and seem to gain weight very easily so put 9.5lbs on in 3 weeks. I am now losing what I've gained veeeeerrrryyy slowly! (3.5lb in 3 weeks despite being 100% on plan).

    After maintaining this week despite tracking every point and being within weeklies, I have lost it a bit the last couple of days. I get fitted for my wedding dress in 16 weeks and once it's fitted I need to stay the same size until the wedding in October. I want to lose just over a stone so I really need to take action. I'm coming back on here to hopefully get myself motivated properly and I know there is lots of support on this website. I think making my food diary public will hopefully help to keep me on Track!

    My weigh in day is Weds and I've already blown all my weekly points! I've given myself a good talking to and I'm back on it from this instant (but I'll start posting food diaries tomorrow).

    I am determined to look the most fabulous ever on my wedding day and be a size that I'm comfortable with!
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  3. sarah88

    sarah88 Gold Member

    Subscribing to ur new diary :-D congrats on the engagement :-D

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  4. Becktoria79

    Becktoria79 Gold Member

    Hi Sarah! Thank you! Have you got a food diary? I looked but couldn't find one! How are you? Xx:)

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  5. Atomic pink

    Atomic pink Gold Member

    Big congratulations on the engagement. What are you doing for the wedding? I am sure you will look fab in the dress anyway, but can understand the motivation to buckle down til the final fitting. I think writing out food diaries on here does tend to make you think twice about some things, so hopefully it will help.

    How is everything else? I think you'd got a promotion pretty recently last time you were about but things were a little difficult at work. Hope they have improved.
  6. sarah88

    sarah88 Gold Member

    Yeah I got one in the propoints section called sarahs new weight watchers diary propoint and simply filling, tho im only doing pp at the moment, on wk 4 now :-D

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  7. Becktoria79

    Becktoria79 Gold Member

    Hey ladies, good to hear from you both again. Sarah I shall look for your diary. I'm mostly following pro points too. How are you getting on? How is life treating you?

    Atomic, thanks for the congratulations. We are getting married in a country hall (I was adamant I wanted a city wedding but fell in love with the venue). We are being pretty traditional actually in that doing ceremony, wedding breakfast and then party, but wanting very much to add our own personality to things! Very much an indie disco on the evening with final hour dedicated to pulp! I'm getting my dress made, it's a tea length, white polka dot tulle number with 3/4 sleeves and off the shoulder! I'm so excited!

    Work has been weird the past year, can't really go into detail but although it's not horrendous, I have got my eyes out for other opportunities, should the right one come along, but I'm not desperately unhappy, feels more like it's a sinking ship I need to get off kind of thing! We shall see.

    How about you work wise, I know there was some restructuring going on when I was last online.

    So Today I have been super good. I have decided to follow a 5 day plan from one of the ww magazines. I feel a bit incapable of planning at the minute and tend to eat the same things so this has taken that stress away. I really enjoyed my food. This is what I had:

    Day 3/7 26 dailies 0 weeklies

    Skimmed milk- 3pp
    B- special k with strawberries and bananas -4pp
    S-dried apricots
    L- ww tomato soup-2pp.
    1 slice wholemeal bread-1pp
    30g low fat soft cheese-1pp
    Fat free vanilla activia-2pp
    Crushed meringue nest- 1pp
    S- 3 tiny tangerines
    T- seseame stir fry -9pp
    Tiny tangerines and tiny figs
    Total- 26pp

    Tea was delicious, tasted so clean and fresh and I'm just obsessed with the tiny tangerines!

    Pleased with my day, feeling more like I can do this!

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  8. sarah88

    sarah88 Gold Member

    Great day Beck, r dried apricot free? Weather isnt great here, my electric is going off every 30 seconds then on again for 30 seconds I dont like it at all very windy :-( electric seems ok now tho

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  9. Becktoria79

    Becktoria79 Gold Member

    Yeah it's windy and rainy here too. No dried apricots are 2pp for 50g. I must've forgot to put that on! X

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  10. sarah88

    sarah88 Gold Member

    Oh right was hoping they were free :-(

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  11. Atomic pink

    Atomic pink Gold Member

    Food sounds lovely :) What went into the sesame stirfry? Seems like a good plan to follow the 7 day menu to take some of the thinking and planning out of things. I think all the decisions and calculations are the tricky bit when getting back into the groove with any eating plan so if it makes that part easier I am all for it!

    The wedding sounds lovely. LOVE the sound of the dress and I can definitely get behind an indie disco :) Right up my street, especially the hour of Pulp! I have very very found memories of seeing Pulp on the Different Class tour when I was a teenager. Do you have a "first dance" song? And what food are you having? I am so nosey about other people's weddings!

    Its a shame things are unsettled with their work. Hope it sorts itself out or one of those "better options" comes up. I survived the restructuring at my work without taking a £3000 pay cut or changing roles or location so was really pleased. Breathed a big sigh of relief to not be facing redundancy for the first time in 3 years and then we found out in December that the council are planning HUGE cuts to our funding again. Current proposal is 82% cut to funding to county services so now facing a much bigger likelihood of being made redundant than before. Its not good but as its a pretty specialist job I do there aren't many options for looking for other stuff as the funding cuts won't just affect my organisation. I've also been there for over 10 years so at least I would get enough redundancy money to tide me over for a few months.
  12. Shez__x

    Shez__x Gold Member

    subscribing :) good luck!
    wedding plans sound amazing!
  13. sarah88

    sarah88 Gold Member

    How u doing beck?

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  14. MrsLmc

    MrsLmc Gold Member

    Hey Becktoria, good to see you back and huge congrates on the engagement. Your dress sounds amazing!! Subscribing if you don't mind. Laura xx
  15. IrishEyes1981

    IrishEyes1981 Silver Member

    Hi Becktoria Subscribing to your thread congrats on the engagement :D

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