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Becoming a SW Consultant?


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Anyone ever think of this or know much about it? I'll chat about it with my C but it's something I think I'd love to do....provided I could earn enough money from it to chuck in my p/t job and do SW full time!

Has anyone gone to one of those info days?
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you know what hun i think you would be great as a swc.....

go for it hun... aint there info oon the site n in the mags?
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Is it a franchise, or are you self-employed by sw or are you just employed. Very interesting! Would love to watch people shrink lol and know i helped :)


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I'd really like to do it and have chatted about it to my consultant but tbh I don't have the start up fee as you have to buy the franchise and also pay for advertising etc etc, as well as paying for accommodation etc for the training courses....I'm also not sure if I could do the sales pitch thing as I know you are always pushed to get new members etc.

I think it would be great to do but as I work full time, it just would take over too much of my life.

I'd like to go to an opportunity evening though to see what it is all about properly.

Good luck if you do it Stacey, I bet you would be great!
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It's something I'd love to do too! Once I'm at target though, and then when I've got time to dedicate to getting members, advertising, providing support etc. etc. So in a few years maybe!

Think you'd be a great leader Stacey, you're always full of good support and great ideas.

There's quite a lot of money to lay out I believe, and then lots of admin stuff to fill in and send back. You pay for all the stuff like the magazines and books, then keep the dosh once they sell. If you're an organised and determined kind of person, I think it's do-able :)


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Thanks ladies! I'm not very sales oriented so maybe it's not quite the thing for me.....I also wouldn't have start up money (depending on how much it'd be) but I'll keep it in the back of my mind.


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You also have to pay for the use of the hall etc which in most cases are picked by SW. I know a fairly new consultant who has to use a hall which eats up a large part of her money but SW won't approve a much bigger (warmer!) hall which is a fraction of the cost.

Add in to that training which involves weekends away. Another consultant I know has to miss a class every few weeks as it is at the end of the week.

One of them is talking of giving it up already and the other is going to stick it out for another couple of months.

I know many make a living and enjoy it, but from what I've heard people say most of them are those that started as employees rather than as a franchisee and have built it up over the years.


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When I became a consultant in 2004 you had to buy the franchise which was around £180 so they have really whacked up the cost since then!, your earnings are dependent on numbers in your class, back then you earned 20% of the fees for up to 30 members and more above that, however, you couldn't earn more than 20% for your first 8 weeks irrespective of how many members were at class during that time.

Yes you have to buy the books and mags and you can't return these if they don't sell, but you buy them at a slightly less price each and keep the profit.

All the advertising you have to pay for yourself which is expensive. Also, yes you have to pay for the hall each week, and this cost is deducted before your commission.

My class was on average 30 members per week but obviously tailed off at xmas and during the summer, on average I would earn between £20 and £40 a night. You also have to factor in that you always have to turn up to do your class no matter what is going on at home, yes you can sometimes get another consultant to cover but this isn't good for the group on a regular basis as they like their own consultant.

I gave it up in 2007 as I was working full time changed jobs which meant I had to work away a lot, I didn't like leaving the group with a covering consultant and just felt I couldn't commit enough to it.

I think if you can put in the hours on the advertising, leafleting and committment then you can make more money from it, but that isn't the main reason for doing it, it is immensely satisfying but I don't think I would have ever made enough to give up my main job


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they are quoting an earning of £100-£400 a week in earning in the new mag.

£400 a week sounds good - though not enough to make me give up my job! The hubby would have to earn soem good money for me to go for it!


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You need to go to an open day and then get details I think. My friend has just been accepted to be a SW consultant but isn't in a position financially to be able to pursue it just yet. I think its great if you don't need it for sole income because you can never guarantee how much you are going to earn each week. If it's a second income then I'd say go for it.

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