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So sitting in my freezer are about 10 mini beef steas that i chopped up myself.. they are not very think... and marinated in lemon, yogart, spices and tandoori masala.

I already made a mistake cooking the beek "cubes" so i want to know how to cook there mini steaks so that they are tender rather than VERY VERY chewy.

fire away experts!

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** Chief WITCH **
What sort of cut of "beef" did you buy? Unfortunately, with beef, if it's a "cheaper" albeit lean cut, it'll take longer to cook if you want it tender... so slow cooker or pressure cooker even if that's the case.

If they were, say, sirloin steaks, couple of minutes either side dry fried or grilled will do it...
im going to experiment on sunday! probs best way! will grill a few and see if they are tender.. i have no idea what they are as i got from the halaal butcher and he didnt really tell me! plus i didnt ask! :-S

So have decided to do one more day on pp tomorow and start pv on saturday... got some salad at home and SOME veg so will make somic tasty from that! Im thinking a batch of cauli and broccli soup with (phili) cheese! hmmm yum..


** Chief WITCH **
Hey Sona... remember that a PV day is just that... PROTEIN + veg, so don't be tempted to eat too much veg and too little protein. It is still a high protein diet, so keep the protein levels up (something I have to watch myself on PV days!!)


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Yes arent you supposed to still have 60% protein on each meal?


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The (French) book doesn't say so... but on the French forum I frequent, they say 66/33 yes


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well im gonna stick to that then. Have bolognese tomorrow with salad and roast chicken and the veggies in white sauce :)
Chicken with salad (lettuce, cucumber, raddish, onions, pepper) and need to make a sauce for this.. mayebe the vinageretti one?
Chicken with mix veg tram or stirfried

Scarmble egg with tomato and mushrooms
tuna salad
oat porride
chicken or prawn stri fry

mini quiches ( egg, cottage cheese, spinach OR chicken)
beef with chicken patties

So does this look like an ok plan?
im gona have to make a full week meal plan before i shop on sunday morning.
also gona make a cauliflower and broccli soup to fill in some gaps with the VEG days... what do u think guys ive gta make this last til mid september!!


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looks ok :D what do you mean last to september???? your shopping needs to last till then lol


** Chief WITCH **
I think Sona's working out a weekly meal plan she can repeat each week until September...

Remember some weeks will include 3PPs and some 4... nature of the beast when alternating.

But I admit that I don't understand what you've typed above...
lol the food plan needs to last me till sep when i should be my correct weight? lolz unless i get preggers!!


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ah. you cant do meal plan the same every week hon. I would do it when you have come back from shopping every week x


** Chief WITCH **
Trust me, that sort of food won't get you pregnant!!

I do the food plan before the shopping, but Vicky's right Sona... you'll get sooooo bored eating the same stuff every week. Are you mega busy? I don't know whether you work, have 57 kids etc., but ...?
lolz im not relying on the food to get me pregs gals!! *wink wink*

that is just an example for one week, i will probs get some more ideas i guess.. just need to make a start... what do u gals like on Pv days? do u have any Veg only meals? i want to have some quorn sausages aswell do they class as P or V?
cheryl! that would be soo lush!
we havent actually started yet we intend to star in july..
when i had my boy we didnt really do the homework and just kinda did it all the time.. this time ive been tracking my ovulation for months so that we can do the business when its effective!! lolz good luck to both of us!! hehe

I hope to do the "diet" untill i get preg and then try a healthier for baby version of it. Dont want to pile on too much weight if i get preg and dont want to put off getting preg to lose all the weight first!


** Chief WITCH **
Sona - no veg only meals... it's a high protein diet!
I've recently got into stirfries again so I had stirfried veggies next to my meat Saturday night... made a nice change... also made a chicken + veg soup... another good way of taking in some vitamins!

I don't know anything about quorn sausages EXCEPT that I read somewhere that they're ok on all phases as a meat substitute for vegetarians. For meat eaters, I guess you'd need to check out the ingredients - normally they'd put carbs in the sausages, no? (Leastwise we do when we make our own!)


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just kinda did it all the time..
lmao Sona ;) ;)

Quorn, a mycoprotein, like TVP is not mentioned in the book. However it is also a high protein food that is low in carbohydrateI think they are classed as protein. (thats from google)

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