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Hiya all :)

I managed to start the day with free food and I've saved up my syns fairly well.

Trouble is I've just got back from Beefeater. Gulp.

I had:

8oz Sirloin steak (all visible fat trimmed off)

Chips :break_diet:
Side salad (with dressing :wave_cry:)

If I play it as a red day the steak isn't a worry, right?

However, I can't seem to find the syn value of the rest. I have no problem using my syns up but haven't got a clue how many to put down. I was just going to call it 30 syns all in but I haven't got a clue how close (or far away) that would be. Any ideas?
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Depends how they cooked the steak. If it was grilled then it should be fine but if it was fried, then thats a whole different matter. I would just call it a flexisyn meal and continue the rest of the day as normal, but dont have any more syns today to manage the effect.
That meal would better suit Extra Easy, as you have free food allowance for the steak and free food allowance for the chips and then salad as 1/3 superfree.

What HEXs have you had today? xxx
Hiya Allie :)

I just realised that calling it an EE day would make more sense, thank you!

Yesterday's menu was:
Breakfast - Mullerlight & an apple
Lunch - 28g cheese & mushroom omelette
Tea - As above (Beefeater steak, chips & salad)

Syns: 1 (a dash of lactofree milk in my morning coffee)

HEX a - 28g cheese
HEB b -
Snacks - apples and grapes
Drinks - peppermint tea, green tea, water

Weekly syns currently stand at 17 (plus whatever I call this)

any ideas?
Ahh thank you so much you've been SO helpful! :D

I'm guessing it was what they classed as a small steak (as it was off the cheap menu!) I've just run some figures (think I've done it right!) and even if it has to be synned it's not looking too frightful!

I think this one is going to end up a guessing game - I was thinking/am happy to allow about 30(ish) syns for it and call it even. I'm still learning the ropes and think I'll put this one down to experience (&30odd syns!)

Thank you so much for your help xxxxx

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