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OH OH, I have been very naughty and eaten party food and drank champagne, and all at the wrong time of month. Twas brothers birthday so I decided (yes I made a concious decision) to eat. Was very careful and only ate low carb foods and only drank 1 small glass of champagne. This morning i was out of ketosis, but this evening I am back in again. I expect to have put on weight this week and will find out on Monday.
I know I am usually 100%, but this was a very special day, in 1989 he was given between 6 months and 6 years to live. He is still with us although this year has been tough with him having to go into hospital regularly for yet more tests. Yesterday was his 43rd birthday, and his liver tests are finally normal, although his heart is still causing concern. But he is fitter than he has been for months, so it had to be celebrated in style.
I went back on this morning and felt really awful until this evening, but it was worth it to see him celebrating with his favourite champagne. HE says it is weird, I am trying to lose weight and he is desperate to put it on.

Never mind back to the old grindstone.

HI Jackie,

Sometimes we need to do things that are out of a routine and I think that this time for you was a bloody good reason to do just that. In fact I would have had a glass of champers for you. Glad ur bro is getting better!! I have some pounds of fat I could send him lol.
Life can't stop... and you'll soon recover, as your ketosis level has shown! ((hugs))

I had a blip on tuesday, weighed in today and still made a loss of 3lbs so don't give up hope! the rest of the week may 'out weigh' (excuse the pun) your eating. :)

Keep up the great work! You've done so well already!

Well done! glad you enjoyed yourself. Sounds like you all deserve a good old celebration.

If you are back in Ketosis tonight I should have thought the damage would be limited anyhow.
You have come such a long way, what's one night of letting your hair down after all.
Like you said you made the decision to do it and for a very good reason as far as I can see.
It's what it's all about in the end isn't it - making careful decisions rather than just stuffing our face because we feel, happy, sad, good, bad.

Glad you had a good time.

Hi Jackie

I think you should be pleased that you were able to celebrate with your family, I hope you enjoyed it. It doesn't seem like you will have done much damage as you are back in ketosis already. Enjoy the memory but remember it was a very special occasion because if you are tempted to do it again it may not be so easy to jump back in. You are so on track to your goal CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Dizzy x
thanks everyone!!!!! it was a great day. I thought I had really blown it but today the scales started moving back down. I weigh in on my clinical scales on a Friday, it gives me a boost to keep going during the weekend.
Bro says hi, and thank you for keeping me motivated. He is getting a real kick out of me starting to look like me again. It's as though we are both getting another go at life.
Thanks again

That's fantastic Jackie. I feel exactly the same. I feel like me again and a few months ago I though 'this me' was firmly in history.

You are so lucky to have such great family support!

Good Luck for your weigh in.

Dizzy x