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been a bit rubbish

ok time to fess up, ever since christmas ive been finding it really hard to stick to the diet, ive been picking big time and i really cant figure out why.Ive still been loosing weight but just feel that im letting myself down big time by picking, and i really dont know how im going to get myself back on track.
So thats the reason ive not been on here posting, just been feeling too guilty.
i hope everyone else is doing well and if anyone has any wise words to help me back on the straight and narrow please let me know.
GT xx:break_diet:
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Wow, an amazing loss Greetea!

I'm fairly new of LL (only on 2nd week).

Maybe you could try to draw a line under it and join us on the Jan thread. You could look at the 36lbs as your new challenge.

There are quite a few of us now on the Jan thread and we are fairly motivated, you may find the motivation comes back - just an idea.

Best of luck, you have done amazing so far!

Louale x


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Identify what you are picking the most and remove those foods from the house, also pin a picture of yourself on the fridge to remind you of your goals. So you can see what you was and want to be.

You just need to refocus and you will be absolutely fine :) Besides you have done so well, only a little more to go now :)
if only it was so easy, i have to work with food so its always around me, and i dont think it would go down too well at work if i said"im on a diet so all the things i like have to be removed" lol
i know i can do this im just not sure how


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S: 17st2.8lb C: 17st2.8lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 33.6 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Ah i didn't realise it was work, its will power GT just try to remember pre LL and the reasons you got on this diet. If you pick you only prolong the diet and you stay on it more, so think about RTM and getting there quickly. Grit your teeth :) besides we all want to see those great before and after pics when you are done!
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THis is something that works for me - and it sounds crazy - but I find it extremely effective. Those on the outside might think I am insane, but hey ho! :D

When I am slacking off, or when I am procrastinating things....or if I just feel I need a kick up the arse - I have a very stern talking to....to myself. In the mirror. I know it sounds nuts - but for me, looking myslef right in the eye, with a zero tolerance to bullsh*t excuses - the me in the mirror can usually stare me on the outside into submission, and I let go of stubborness, or whatever is holding me back. I know it sounds nuts - but there is something powerful about looking yourself in the eye, telling yourself you can do better, and meaning it = my motivation.

Also, I find sometimes if I feel I could do better, I will send myself an email. I'll send it to work so I don't see it until I am at work the following day, or after a weekend. and I just write it like a letter o someone else. ANd I remind myself why I am doing whatever it is at the time, etc., and encourage myself. And it seems to work too.

At the end of the day - you make a promise to yourself - it's a hard one to break. Or should be. ;)

Good luck GT. You know you can do this. Draw a line under it, tell yourself the buck stops here, and then rock it. Just nail those last few stone - and then you are done with that big peice of the LL puzzle.

still finding it a struggle to stick with the plan but i have managed to be 100% good so far this week and also managed to drink between 4 and 5L of water each day which i have never really managed, also been getting plenty of "exercise" with my new fella


nearly there!! :)
best type of "exercise" imo lol

well done for sticking to it hunni xxx
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lol well its the only kind worth getting up for
I didn't think you'd have to get up for it ;)

LS is right, I swapped LLCs, and even though it's 3 years since I originally did LL they still had my records and transferred them to my new LLC.

I am frankly shocked about your LLC. She is there to support you and should never make anyone cry at all!!! It's her job to be a people person, so that is no excuse. Remember you are her customer and as such she should treat you like one. LLCs are very well paid (I know because I went through the interview stage and saw the figures) so she should be doing her job properly. You could contact HO, and you have no obligation to stay with her if there is another LLC nearby.

Well done on being 100% though. It is hard once you start to lapse but it is possible to get back on that wagon, so I believe you can do it :)
S: 13st1lb C: 13st1lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 29.5 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
thanks westie.
p.s. you have the cutest wee dog
Thank you, he is lovely, but sadly no longer lives with me. A complicated story about moving house and him being reunited with his family (his Mum, Dad and Brother) who live with my Mum and Dad means I only get to see him every so often. But to know he is happy in his own little family is worth it :)

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