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Been advised to stop

rainbow brite

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Sorry for not having posted today or last night, been a bad day for me.

Had a doc appointment earlier on and it didn't go so well. It was just a routine appointment but I was feeling very lightheaded yesterday evening and this morning, accompanied with sharp pains in my abdomen. Anyhow, I go in and she asks if I'm alright. I said yeah and she said that I looked a bit pale. Then came a barrage of questions and one of which was 'are you eating properly?' I told her no but then explained why I wasn't eating but she wasn't impressed. The long and short of it is that she thinks I started LT too soon after my ------ and has told me to stop it, at least for a few weeks.

I'm annoyed because I came so far (not compared to some, I know) and now I've had to stop for a while. I suppose the good news is that she hasn't said that I can't do it, just that I need to give my body proper time to recover after what happened.


I'm hoping to go back to the chemist when I get paid at the end of the month, but if that's still too soon then it'll be too weeks after that that I start LT again. I just feel like a failure. :( I suppose I brought it on myself however, I told a bit of a white lie on my medical form and omitted the fact that I'd recently ---------. I was just so desperate to shift the weight and I thought that doing LT would give my mind something else to focus on whilst I was signed off.

Anyway, life goes on and I'll be back, just looks like my LT journey is going to be on hold for a bit.

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oh hunni really sorry but your health is important, you can always start again when your body has recovered (and im sure you will)
good luck lots of hugs x


Says it as it is!!!
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Aww bless ya hun... but your health is more important than your weight x x and it does state a time period of starting LT after being pregnant!
You have proved you can do it ...so next time will be a breeze for ya hun x x x
Eat heathly, stay focused and you'll be back on LT before you know it!!!
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I hope you are feeling a little better. Best to look after yourself. LT will always be here and must of us will still be here next month and the month after, and maybe even the month after that!

I think its still a good idea to have something to focus on while recovering, so treat yourself and pamper yourself, and try out some of those great receipes that everyone is posting on the refeed forum.

The worst thing you can do is say feck it and go and buy one of those big buckets from KFC that you told us about! lol ;)

Stay focused on you, look after your health, eat well, get some fresh air and when u feel ready to come back to LT.



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Im sorry to hear wat happed, but dont worry everything will work itself out. Thanks for all the support u've given me so far. You'll be back on the diet in no time and will achieve everything u set out to achieve. U have the right mindset and u will get through this. I hope ur okay, stay possitive xxxxxxxxxxxx
Aww hen its a wee bit dissapointing when u want to get the weight shifted but, would could would it do you if you keeled over and died. You will be grand for a fresh start when your body has got over the shock. You can still cut down the high sugar and high carb food and enjoy balanced meals in thwe mean time until you can return to LP if you choose to. chin up luvvy
So sorry to hear your news. When you start again you body will be well and truely ready and you won't feel poorly, good luck for next time x


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look after yourself we will still be here. need to get body right first. take care x


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Sorry to hear ur news and it was awful that u miscarried. It does take ur body a while to fix itself right after a trauma like that. Fair play 2 u for even attempting TFR but give ur body time to heal and LT will be waiting 4 u then. As others have said go easy on the carbs and pamper urself whilst u can.
Take good care of urself, we will still be here 4 u and u 4 us.
Be good
Sorry to hear your news. Not only physically you need to wait, but mentally also. What you have been through is a huge trauma to your body and mind. Your Doctor is right, you need to give yourself time. Take care of yourself, and in a few weeks you can consider Lipotrim.
Best of luck to you.
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Sorry to hear about your recent miscarriage.

I feel that your doctor is right, that you need to give your body a little while to get back to normal. I understand you wanting to lose weight & to have something to focus on.
You hormones probably aren't back to normal yet either.

I miscarried in November last year & it was both physically & mentally hard. I fell pregnant that same month only to miscarry again. I took comfort in greggs belgium buns lol..... not the best of things.
However it took me a while physically to get back to 'normal', 2 miscarriages within 6 weeks was hard.

Take your time, let your hormones get back to normal & then try LT again.
You can do, you know you can but just not right now.

i can understand how u must be feelin..but dont worry, ul be back soon :) i rem u said in one of ur posts that one of the reasons u wanted to loose weight was to be able to have a baby.... apart from loosin the weight u also have to let ur body fully recover after what its been through... only then ud be able to have a healthy pregnancy. so dont be sad or down about it. atleast u werent told not to do LT.
will miss ur funny stories. see u soon. x


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i'm so sorry, the bad time you've had and now this set back but it's just that a set back. get yourself fit and well and we'll see you back on here when you're 100%

rainbow brite

S: 15st1lb C: 12st6.6lb G: 8st10lb BMI: 30 Loss: 2st8.4lb(17.25%)
I'd like to thank all of you wonderful guys and gals for the kind words. I realise that I can be back in a few weeks, it's just demoralising to think I have to start over from day 1. :(

Oh well, c'est la vie as they say. I'll probably still hang around here until I get to start again, well less so as I start back at work on Monday, but you get what I mean.

I wish all of you the best of luck with your weight-loss journeys,

Until I return ;)

*squishes for all* :)

~Gem xxx
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Good luck Gem.

Big virtual hugs coming to you.



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I'm sorry for your loss hun! The diet is secondary to your health and that includes mental health. Take some ME time and just try and eat healthy in the meantime. We will see you back on TFR with the rest of us in no time!


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Oh Rainbow brite, i missed this post and i was so keen to find out where you had been, I agree with all the post about your health and i really do feel for you, get yourself better and back upto 100% and we'll still be here. please keep leaving you comments as they are so very helpful,

Take care of you self