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Been ill - tum bug, then mega binge


has started again!!
Well, most of this week I have either had tum pain, been very sick or had terrible diarrhea. I have eaten most of my packs as, oddly, in between, I have felt hungry. I am sure there has been no ketosis as I have kept checking. I also have had a perma-headache, pretty bad as well, for which I have taken ibruprofen, but I think sugar coated pills. (I know I should have searched for a better alternative, but I truly was in need...)

Headache much better today, hovering in the background rather than a sledgehammer in my brain, like a hangover but with no booze.:sigh::confused::sigh:
Tummy still feels odd but weirdly hungry again.

Its bothering me that I have allowed this "bug"or whatever, to give me permission, if you like, to eat what I fancied rather than what I should, particularly for the past two days. My choices were not adult, rather the sickly, but still rebellious child. I think I can handle those voices better now, but my WI is tonight and I honestly expect that, despite my tum trouble, I will have gained. (I do deserve to have done, choc & pizza are not LL I am fairly certain!)

Any thoughts on why I was not able to manage these temptations whilst under the weather, when most people stop eating when they feel rough? I dont really understand myself at times!

I feel better about my impending hols tho, as I am determined to keep a daily (or more frequent) journal, the remind me why I am on the LL route and why I started in the first place. I am also quite keen to shop as little as possible (we are self catering) because that means I wont have easy access to the kinds of foods that are definitely triggers for me. My temptations will come when we are out and about. Mind you, I have been practising " Agua con gas, por favor" so I can order my fizzy water when needed!! LOL!

Anyway, at least this recent binge has not sent me scurrying for the "i'm quitting" threads, as has often happened before. My mind set is changing, albiet slowly. I am not the perfect LL client, and not a great example to newbies, thats for sure, but I am learning about myself, as I go along, & I guess thats all part of the process!

Might not post much before we go, as heaps to do, not least because we heard today our loft conversion will start the week we get back. EEK!

Will be thinking of you all whilst I am away. Be good!!!!!
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has started again!!
Probably a touch of nurturing parent in there too! ;)

Try not to feel guilty - haul yourself back on the wagon - and peg it down to experience.

Hope you're feeling a lot better anyway.
Yes, the nurturing parent did occur to me too, this afternoon as I was driving home! (odd how these things come to us!)

At least I know I am thinking about these things, unlike the past when I would have just dismissed my own behaviour!

Still, WI in half an hour or so.......

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