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Been rubbish!

I had a bit of a relaxed weekend, then Sunday started to come down with a cold, and have eaten so much White bread it's unreal! Yesterday I had toast for breakfast, a roll for lunch and son cooked two part baked baguettes with tea last night do I had the other one!
Then had chocolate cereal bars!

From deeply ashamed of Hampshire!
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"Confession is a necessary requirement for complete forgiveness."

Well... I forgive you of your syns and absolve you! You are now free to carry on, get back on track and start a brand new day. Free of guilt you can now forget the past.

PS... stop eating white bread!!! :whoopass:
At least you recognise that you have gone off plan & want to get back on track.


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I've had a pretty bad few days as well. I go from completely motivated to fed up in a matter of hours!

Own it and move on, as they say!

Sorry to hear that you're feeling rubbish :bighug:

Like the others pointed out, at least you have recognised that you went wrong, and want to get back on plan.

Hope that you are feeling better soon xx
I can hear the white bread calling from the cupboard - it shouts "Liiinnnnnndddsseeeeee, you know I am here....... come and get a slice of your favourite warburtons and put lashings of butter on it and then come and get another another - toast me ................ go on ........... toast me"!

Well I put a stop to that - I don't buy bread!!!!!!!

Ha ha

Get back on track today and you'll be fine. We all have blips/days off - just draw a line under and don't let it creep in to today.

Good luck

Mrs E-H

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Aw honey sometimes when we are feeling ill our body craves what it needs and maybe you needed the carbs to make you feel better?
Big hugs get well soon
Hope you're feeling better, Shirleen! I think you have to cut yourself some slack when you're ill. I'm sure you know the routine though - draw a line and get back on track, and you'll soon get any weight you've put on - if any - off again!
owwwww poop!
I type this from my bed, wrapped up on Sunday morning feeling like cr*p. All I want is a huge chunk of freshy cooked white bread.

I'm glad I came across this thread again after reading my own comment at the begining I must stay away from the bread :whoopass:!!

There is a small plus side, because I feel so pants I havent got the energy to go and buy some, nor even the energy to get dressed and go downstairs. My other half has gone off to play golf today and left me with a pile of fruit, a mullerlight and some pepsi max.... bless him! x