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Been to see a my local CDC

Good Afternoon

Well after having to leave LT after just 5 days due to a black out I have been to see my local CDC who has advised that if I want to go back on it then she is willing to support me but she thinks it will be best for me to start on step for for 4 days and then work my way down to SS every 4 days to bring me down slowly!! I am feeling much more positive about this than just being thrown into the deep end.

I dont really want to have to go through my doctor as think he could make things difficult so CDC advised I need to loose 7lb to get my BMI under 40 and then she only has to advise him I am on it and not actually get his permission.

Make me feel so much better so although not on it properly yet I am working to get my weight down to start properly!!

Whoooop Whooooop
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Cheers Love

I am quite worried about going back onto a VLCD due to the blackout but with her working me down slowly and upping my water each day she does not think I will have the same problem.

I hope not (its was scary), I know though that I need to do something.

I know my ticker says I am under 40 but I weigh at home without clothes on not something I can do there so just need to get it under so she can see that I am actually under 40.

I am hooping I can start it next week, so need to work hard to loose those extra few pounds!!!


Staying on plan!
Good luck hun! Hope you do really well.
I've blacked out twice on cambridge but they were both my fault really, the first time was because I drank a lot of alcohol on it which I later found out is actually really dangerous so avoid that! And the second time was because I went to work without having a shake and was working really hard(running up and down the stairs etc..) and consequently I fainted and got shouted at by my manager for being on a liquid diet rah rah rah.........she was a ***** and I don't work there anymore!
But anyway to answer your question I'm sure you will be fine, especially as you are gradually moving down the plans as it won't be such a shock to the system. You'll get below 40 bmi in no time, even on a higher plan you should still loose a good amount in the first week or two so then you can start :)

good luck and I hope you do well xx


First Goal Under 20st!
Good luck i changed to CD after 3 weeks of LT. i LOVE cd its fantastic!!

Lea xx
Hi Lea

Are the shakes nicer? Which ones do you recommend. I liked the LT Choc and strawberry ones. Is there much difference in these?


Must do it this time
hey sarah,
just want to welcome you to cd,its a fab diet,im sure you wont have blackouts anymore due to the way you are going to work it now,just want to wish you luck,
elaine x


First Goal Under 20st!
The chocolate is pretty much the same but if u liked that u will LOVE the chocolate mint and the chocolate tetra, i have not had the strawberry one but rob said it tasted more like strawberry than the LT one.

i have had the fruits of the forest which i thought was awful but alot of people like
Butterscotch which is awful
banana which is lovely

The bars are yummy but u get the oaty type ones and fudge type ones and the fudge ones have been knocking me out of ketosis so gonna avoid them from now on.

i dont really like soups but gonna get some to make crisps with.

there is loads more choice just get a selection and u can see which ones u like.
ive just had the choc mint one and i could have 3 of them a day they are sooo nice.

Lea xx
just to say good luck and hope u do great