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Been to the Dentist. Booooooo, not good

Blonde Logic

Yes. You can.
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:cry:I have to have a root canal on my FRONT tooth.

I am gutted. Absolutely GUTTED. I never ever wanted anything done to my front teeth. Now its going to look sh*t. :cry:

I'm being a big baby - but I try so hard to keep my teeth, and because I have insufficient enamel coverage, I never just have a small filling, it is always something major.

But I am so upset its a front tooth. NHS cost 200 quid, and it will look bad - metla backing, metal margins, etc. Porcelain on private costs 400 quid.

I have about that earmarked for my tattoo. I don;t know what to do - I don;t wnat to not get my tattoo, as its very symbolic to a lot of things, including who I am now after the diet.

Have any of you a crown on your front teeth? HOw does it look, and is it functional - can you still eat apples, etc?

I am really truly gutted. I'll get over it, in a few minutes, but I am gutted.
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You poor thing, I've never had a root canal thingy, not sure I'd cope with that.

I suffer with my gums and have had to have lots out:( My doctor gives me diazipam for the nerves as I've been known to run out when dentist looms over me with the injection.

Really hope all goes ok



...we're sinking deeper.
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I'm really sorry to hear this BL. :(
Hey at least you don't have to get gold teeth like my grandparents back in the day! I still remember my grannie's "bling" tooth whenever she laughed. :D

In the long run, a tattoo isn't going to run away from you... But your dental health will only give you mental anguish, because our appearance is such a huge factor in how we feel about ourselves as well. If you get the cheaper option and you don't like how it looks, you will always be regretting it, and even develop a nervous tick of covering your mouth whenever you laugh... Doesn't mean it will happen, but it's a point to consider. The tattoo, you will be able to save up for it in a year's time again, it's not going anywhere!


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Sorry to hear that BL, not sure if it's any help at all (don't know if they're similar material etc) but all my front teeth are veneers (I had very ugly, wonky teeth that made me conscious of smiling) and, after a couple of days, there is absolutely no difference in feeling to natural teeth - can eat absolutely anything as usual (though not at the moment, obviously!)

Knowing how I felt about smiling with less than perfect teeth, I would definitely recommend having the best treatment you can possibly afford. :D (that's me showing my very straight, shiny teeth!)


I Can Do This!
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BL - I haven't had RC or other work on front teeth, but I do know that you will have regrets if you don't get the best look possible. You don't want to end up back in your shell? I like the fiesty lady I see on here.

The tattoo will still be available when you have saved up again. Won't be long xx
my OH has a crown on one of his front teeth and has just had it replaced after 15 years. The only reason he's got a new one is because there started to be a very slight difference in colour. But that was the only issue after 15 years!

I'm slowly getting my teeth sorted out following my weight loss. I too have very little enamel so symathise with you completely. I have to have jaw surgery too so get everything on the NHS orthodontic wise but I've had 7 fillings in the last 12 months which has cost a hefty sum!!

Hope you can get the result you want with as little cost incurred as possible xx


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Oh BL sorry to hear that but its not all doom and gloom. I have had a NHS crown on my front tooth for 23 years and nobody would even guess. I had it changed once in all that time and that was about 9 years ago.
I have added a pic that I think shows my teeth pretty well....lol But hey really dont worry about it...no silly cap/crown ever stopped me eating anythin!!!!:D



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Nice pic Lisa!!

Sorry to hear your news BL. Your tattoo, no matter how symbolic is nowhere near as important as your smile, and you have a lovely one too! Have the best you can afford or you will never be happy. I've RC and crown on a first molar and even that one is hard to tell from the others and they work even better on front teeth. They do fantastic things now, ask if you can see pictures of previous work.


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my hubby has one on his front tooth - can't tell at all, in fact i had been with him over 6 years before i knew
daisy x

Blonde Logic

Yes. You can.
S: 258lb C: 228lb G: 168lb BMI: 35.7 Loss: 30lb(11.63%)
Thanks you guys - you have made me relax! :)

I still want to try and get the ceramic one - I used to work in a dental lab where they made teeth (I delivered them - I was the tooth fairy!) I know the metal margins can look dodgy after some time. Not the end of the world - but man. Is upsetting. But you have made me feel better. :)

So - will see! Thank you!!!