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Been to the doctors......

G: 10st7lb

Well I went to the doctors today, saw a different doctor whom I don't normally like but god what a difference, will always be seeing her again in future.

She really listened to what I had to say, I went with a list of symptons and how often I have them, shes kept that on my file, I produced a 3 day sample food plan from my WW journal and 3 day sample exercise plan.

My normal doctor only tests my TSH (for thyroid levels - I have a cyst on my thyroid) levels and nothing else. Shes sending me for tests on; TSH, T3, T4, Folate/B12, Ferritin, Progestorone, Renal, Liver, Glucose, Bone and shes going to test me for Coeliac diesease as well as full blood count - I've never had such a comprehensive blood test before.

She went through my food diary and exercise plan in great detail and told me the following:

I shouldn't do more than 40 mins cardio at any one session as theres been some research to show that this can cause a surge of sex hormones that can increase weight. She said stick to max of 40 mins cardio and than work on resistence work on one body group, ie arms one day, stomach the next, legs after that.

She wants me to follow the principles of You Are What you Eat (shes a huge fan), she said to cut out wheat based breakfast cereal, ok to eat new pots in skins, limit jacket potato and cut right back on bread - got a house full of all these things do I throw out or eat up quickly!!!

She said that I should have lost more weight by now than I have.

Shes going to ring me in 2 weeks to talk through the results and then I am to go back in 4 weeks to see how the diet and exercise changes are going.

Even if all the tests come back normal/negative I feel so much better knowing that shes listened to me and hasn't tried to rush me out of the room and I will take on board her diet and exercise advice - gotta be worth a try - she practices what she preaches evidently follows this herself.

Sorry for the long post.

Can I incorporate You Are What you Eat into WW?
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It wasnt Gilliam McKeith herself was it?
I didnt think anyone else took that diet plan seriously...
But shows u I'm wrong, glad to hear you have an understanding Doctor who wants to help you. Hopefully she has set u on the right path and the results of the tests should help too.

Good Luck!

I know you can get those YAWYE books so maybe they have the nutritiojnal values for working out points
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Hya hun,

That's so interesting what your doc says...I always think the You Are What You Eat diet looks so appealing...until I see the reactions on people's faces when they try stuff! The basic premise is getting back to healthy eating so its the way forward! I'm sure WW fits in with this maybe core would be better?

Good Luck xx


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Im so glad that this doctor has decided to do a more indepth blood test and that somthing is happening and you have been taken seriously!
xxx Good Luck hun
G: 10st7lb
I think I'll draw the line at eating sprout or garlic soup or sprouted anything really! And I'd rather be fat for the rest of my life than drink juiced vegetables ha ha But I'm definintely willing to give a try reducing my wheat and potatoes! I quite like smoothies so happy to have more of those. Ive got one of the cook books at home which I have used quite a bit and I have just bought the original diet book for £2.20 off ebay! I'll have a good read through it and start giving it a go (well as much as I can!!)
I love YAWYE; a friend of mine got me the book a couple of years ago for Xmas. There should be no problem incorporating it into WW as all you need to do is weigh and point the food.

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