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Been very bad, I've lapsed :(

Ok. I confess. I've had a really bad day lapsing wise. I won't say what I ate but it was bad. And now I have emptied my house of anything which could even vaguely tempt me.. But I know it'll screw my weighing up for this week so I'm just going to hope for a STS, I do have until next saturday to get back on track.

My main problem is that I'm really blooming bored with the food packs! And depressed about spending another 7 weeks eating them only.. I do get bored with eating the same things all the time quite easily.

I do try the recipes and stuff and by & large they're nice (although tried the muffin today and it was vile). But I am just fed up with those same flavours all the time.

I am struggling a little bit with something emotionally related at the moment but I didn't lapse because of that.

Any tips people? I really really don't want to lapse again..
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Oh Ellie

You haven't been really BAD. And you haven't got until next Saturday to get back on track. Do it NOW.
You have already started by getting rid of the tempting things.
I thinkk you need to try and see the sachets/bars as just supplying the nutreints etc that you need. Don't think of them as food and try and make them nice. They are NOT. They aren't designed to be delicious, just palatable. The idea is to remove yourself from f..d completely.
I don't believe that your lapse has nothing to do with whatever is bothering you emotionally.
We know that the secret of success here is understanding we eat for emotional reasins, not because we are hungry.
And you just happen to have an emotional issue and you just happen to lapse - coincidence - NOT.
Come on PB, you are so supportive and encouraging to everyone else, now it's your turn. Speak to your LLC or someone you trust tomorrow. Don't wait. It's only 1 day. It's not a disaster. Distract yourself with something you like, long soak in the bath, girly treat, read a book, write a thought record of why you lapsed and how you can deal with the issue. Get back on track. You CAN do it. pm me if I can help.
Oh wait. One more thing. Presumably I'll put some glyco weight on because of this. If I do some exercise tomorrow and burn that off, will I get back into ketosis quicker do you reckon?

I think I just need to tell myself to deal with it and just carry on with the diet. Yes it's boring, but I think I'm just being a petulant child by whingeing about it cos I'm sure that everyone gets bored on it right? So don't worry about it. I'll get back on track.
oh dear. tis done now tho - no point in dwelling on it

take SB's advice, you are now back on track

have a good day tomorrow and it will just be a distant memory by saturday

you can do this
daisy x
Oh, PB - I'm so sorry to hear that!

Come on girl, SB talks so much sense - you have got to get the mindset right and get back on the horse!

I never make the shakes into anything, as I don't want to think of them as food in any shape or form, just that they are keeping me alive and healthy. I only eat the vanilla and veg soup and cranberry bars now, and I know that some people survive on the choc shakes (bleurgh! LOL!), but look at BL and SB - they survived on them for a long, long time and I suppose boredom doesn't come into it. It's just something I do every day to get me to the place I am destined to go!

I agree that whatever you have going on emotionally is defintely affecting you. Also, I'd agree that your rebellious child has had a bit of a hand in this one!!

Definitely get on to the LLC tomorrow and see what she can do for you!
Well the "emotional thing" is really just struggling with a long distance relationship. It's been going on since before lighter life and throughout and hasn't affected it thus far even when I've felt down about it. Of course coping with that cannot have helped with dealing with my boredom with LL. Unfortunately unless I dump my OH and go find someone else (not likely in the slightest), there's no quick fix to it.

Anyways I will beat this, and I'm determined not to become a serial lapser. Doing so well so far in terms of weight loss, and although another 7 weeks sounds long I'm sure it'll go quickly. One day at a time right?
But I do think that maybe I'll go onto LLL if I've got an extra stone to lose after foundation. I should be close to normal, so qualify for it.

Anyway thanks for your support guys, means a lot to me :)..
Oh dear - don't beat yourself up, what's done is done. Look to the future. I've sometimes gone straight back into ketosis the next morning as long as I haven't prolonged the lapse.
Re boredom with packs - how about re-trying ones you don't like? Sometimes your tastes change during this and you might now like ones you didn't like before. Back on the wagon!
Well. I do like all the shakes, and one of the soups. So that's 4 out of the 14 flavours that I don't like, the rest I do. It's a good idea to retry them and I may do at some point.
I will be surprised if I'm in ketosis still. I don't have any ketostix to tell either way. But they're not going to affect what I weigh next week no matter what they say. I think I will do some exercise tomorrow morning, can't harm to burn that glyco asap. So all I'm hoping for is a 2lb loss, to make my "overweight" target... But I know I may not get anything.
Here is a simple little math trick hon that may help.

How many weeks have you spent fat? I qould wager a guess its far more then 7 weeks. 7 Weeks is probably a small blip on the sacle of time, ay? COme on now - 7. ONLY 7. It really is a very small number.

Quite simply, and I do not mean to sound glib at all - but a tip for doing this is - if you want it - then do it. It is all down to you and it really can be that simple ifyou put, and keep your mind in the right place. there is no room for waffling and swaying - you just keep your eye on the prize and if that is what you want, you are the only one who can do it. ;) :)

SB is bang on - the packs are nutrition only. Not "food". They are not meant to entice and excite, but to see you through the diet.

You are so supportive for everyone, time to turn some of that back on you.

Come on and grab the reins and race towards the end. YOu can do it.

Just keep remembering - 7! Its such a tiny number. One digit even!
You can do trhis!!!! :)
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Is back in the saddle!
Morning Ellie!! Whole new day today!!

Do you have a hobby you could indulge in a little or is there something you really enjoy doing that you haven't done for ages? I have gathered up all the half done things and I'm finishing them one by one and it feels great! Perhaps you have some too.

Come on you, we're almost a match in this thing and we're half way through!!!

Right what's on for today???.....


Making it all add up
Morning PB, hope you're feeling better today and in a positive frame of mind.

I think all the advice you have been given above is sound. Don't dwell on the lapse, what's done is done. Remember how you felt immediately afterwards and when writing your first post above, hopefully that will help you if you are tempted again.

I also don't think of the packs as f##d. They are just part of my daily routine - a part of my life that is becoming automatic. Not something to look forward to. In fact on Saturday I went from 8.00am to 7.30pm without having any and didn't miss them. I think not trying to make them into f##d substitutes (crisps, popadon, muffin etc) helps with the mind set.

Also, look at how you felt at New year, and what motivated you to start LL in the first place, then congratulate yourself on the amazing progress you have already made in such a short time.

Keep going, focus on the end not the journey. Today is a new day.
Hi PB hope you're feeling better today. i've also had feelings of wanting to lapse lately - a lot of emotional things coming up and it brings up feelings i would normally numb with food. also can't go and do exercise or something active because of the stupid ankle... don't know if it helps but i've written down all the reasons i want to lose weight on some cards and i use them as bookmarks and in my bags and read them whenever i feel a bit wobbly. also went to see a hypnotherapist to give up smoking and he said to take a deep breath each time i feel like lapsing with anything and it does work. it's just a way to relax when you're tense.

also i bought the beck diet solution book which is really helpful - it says not to beat yourself up for lapsing. accept it as something that has happened and then get right back on track straightaway.

good luck x
:ashamed0005:Aww thanks guys, you're such great support and you're so right. Such great advice from so many of you! I do need to stop thinking of them as food packs and start thinking of them as nutrition packs.

PS you're spot on there, it was totally my rebellious child. In hindsight my adult and parent ego states would normally sort that darn RC out but I think I was just feeling low yesterday - energy wise, emotions wise, all ways round really, and those adult and parent weren't strong enough to counteract my RC.. I ended up thinking "Oh f**K it, I've lost 2 stone and done so well so far, why can't I treat myself??". And what had we been learning about only that previous day - crooked thinking.:banghead: :sign0007:

But I had a good chat with my mum on the phone last night, although nothing has or will change about the situation, I feel better today. So I'm going to use this as a learning experience and a wake up call to get my head straight again.

Anyway onwards and downwards. The damage doesn't seem to be awful, I've only put 1lb on I think, and I did my exercise dvd this morning to help burn that off. Not sure if I'm in or out of ketosis yet. Oddly I feel I might be still in it, haven't had awful hunger or anything like that. If I do, then I'll just consider it as my 'test' of how committed I am going to be now! Haven't phoned LLC, I don't know why, I just don't feel she'd really care that much..

:grouphugg: You guys are so supportive and awesome! If I succeed with this (Sorry, WHEN I succeed), it'll be all down to you!
Hi PB, really glad your feeling more positive today, you're so right, these guy's are so great and talk so much sense!

I agree with everyone and like WG can't believe how quick our 1st 7 weeks have gone, these next 7 will fly by and I have every confidence that this will be a one off for you.

Sending hugs :hug99:and luck for the week and feel sure this one little blip won't have a huge effect on the scales for Saturday. x
Thanks susianna!
I'm holding out hope that I'll still lose that pesky 2lb, and get to the infamous "overweight" category!
Hey pb going from personal experience anything you did 'gain' will definately be gone by saturday hell it will probably be gone by tomorrow hun. My bet is you'll come on here totally ecstatic on saturday and have you very own 'I'm Overweight!!!!' post :)

Emma xXx

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