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Bee's diary - enough is enough!

Hi everyone! I am relatively new to here, been on numerous diets for years now but here I am still at nearly 16 st so I have decided enough is enough - I need to get back to slim! :)
I am 24 and have 2 little boys. Managed to lose my weight ok after the first baby but ever since my second one was born last September I have been struggling really hard :-(
I am doing a combination of eat stop eat, JUDDD and Fast 5, I am very much an all or nothing girl so it suits me perfectly!
I started properly on Wednesday so my first weigh in will be on Wednesday! I have been good so hopefully the scales will reflect that!
I have also downloaded the get running app for my iPhone so I will start doing exercise 3 times a week as well. At some point when I stop being so lazy! :D I need a change of attitude! And I am hoping keeping a diary will keep me on track as I really want to do this for the last time. If I had even once stuck to any of the diets I would be skinny by now!
Any tips, recommendations and buddies are very welcome! x

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hello and welcome, nice to 'meet' you :)

keeping a diary on here has helped me enormously, the support is second to none :)

you will receive lots of support and advice on here, we all understand!

good luck for your first weigh in, keep posting, i look forward to chatting with you :)
Thank you, nice to meet you too!

I have already noticed how supportive everyone is and it is definitely making things a lot easier! If I have to come here for weigh ins etc, I will want to be good. Hopefully!

What diet are you doing? Silly iPhone won't show me any of that info :-( how long have you been doing it?

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I am doing my 'own thing' :) healthy eating and exercise since February this year, i've managed to lose 5 stone 12lbs :) :) :)

Tried many diets over many many years, lost, failed, gained..then kept gaining and gaining..so for health reasons first, then all the other benefits, i decided i too had had enough!!! :)

After years of doing next to nothing on the exercise bike, i started walking, then got a exercise bike, and more recently bought some zumba dvd's to do at home :)

It does all work, so believe in yourself, we wil help you through bad days and celebrate good days with you, keep focused, set yourself wee mini goals, with a non food related treat when you achieve them :)
Bubble baths, pampering sessions, clearing out wardrobes, phoning a friend, DIY, reading slimming mags, watching slimming programmes all keep the dreaded hunger pangs at bay :)

have a great sunday and a successful week! any questions just ask, someone will aways answer you..I'm on here every day, and can always be found in this diary section :)
Oh wow, that is fantastic! Super well done! You certainly are an inspiration! I shall keep that in mind on my bad days!
I have another 3 hours to fast and I feel SO hungry but I will keep strong!

Thank you for all the kind words and advice, much appreciated! :)

Have a lovely Sunday too and speak soon!

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Another fast done. One more before my weigh in on Wednesday. The second fast was certainly harder. But I manage to do it and didn't cheat. Very much enjoyed my food after it though. Makes you appreciate the taste and chewing in general, haha.
Very tempted to weigh earlier but don't want to be disappointed at weigh in.
Eating tomorrow, 2 pm - 7 pm.
I am loving this approach, I feel so much better about myself already :)

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Thank you! :)

I have had a pretty successful day! Tidied up for a couple of hours so didn't even think about food, which is brilliant. Had a fat free yogurt and frozen berries smoothie for brunch. Then had a yogurt and some weight watchers hoola hoops for a snack. And a glass on cranberry juice. And I still feel super full, don't feel like eating anything. I love it. I am nowhere near my day limit which makes me feel good, I can have a nice dinner later on.
Fast number 3 tomorrow as I will be working and it always makes things easier. I'm most proud of the fact that I've been at home with my boys for the last 4 days and haven't cheated at all!
Here's to skinny me! :D

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A friend came over today whom I haven't seen for a while and first thing she said was "oh my god you've lost so much weight" And I've only been on my diet for a week, haha. I haven't lost THAT much in weight but it must show! So pleased and even more motivated now! :)

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Halfway through my third fast and I haven't even thought about food yet. Mostly to do with the fact that I was so busy at work today. I do feel very tired now though and can't wait to have breakfast tomorrow :)

It's also weigh in day tomorrow as well, my very first one so we shall see what the scales say! I really do hope it will be an encouraging loss!

Fingers crossed :)

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B: muller light coconut yogurt and 3 goahead crispy slices

L: creamy swede soup

D: fish and plain rice

Snacks: eat healthy bar and some maltesers :)

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Wow what a loss!!! :) I don't think i could survive on fast days, so well done, hats off to you! have a good day x

Beanboy, grated suede in homemade soup is delish, give it a try! :)
I didn't think I could either but it's the easiest diet I have ever followed. An I've followed loads of them! But thank you very much! :)

Yup, the soup was absolutely gorgeous! A bit stew-like, thick and yummy.

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Definitely hard to fast when not doing much. I was alright rushing in the morning and when I was at work but now I'm home with the kids I constantly need to remind myself I can't eat until tomorrow morning.
I am craving all sorts of foods but I know as soon as I get to morning I won't even be feeling hungry.
My other half is coming home tomorrow which mean we can have a nice lunch together. Im also going out tomorrow night so it's a good reason for me to keep going. Will then need to decide whether I am going to do another one Saturday or Sunday...
Another 76 pounds to go!

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