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Consolidation Before and after pictures


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That's a big difference Poppy!!! You look 10 years younger now too and the change in confidence is evident x Well done! I have more or less the same goal as you so that's spurred me on :)


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You look fabulous Poppy :D


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Thanks so much for posting those - a real inspiration and motivational boost!

You look absolutely fantastic! Huge congratulations because you have managed to do what millions have tried to do and failed - to get to the weight they want to be.


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WOW.......WOW.......& WOW!!
You look amazing, a true inspiration to all of us. I love to see peoples before & after photos, as when I am having a bad day, it just makes me more determined.
Many thanks for sharing those with us.:D


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Thank you all. I have hated that before picture for so long and it is of course one on display in the house because it is my daughters graduation. Me and my girls. At least now that picture has a purpose and I will not get that heavy again, really doesn't suit me.

Must get some new pictures up :)

I have maintained my new weight now since the 13th July and feel I own it now, it's mine! Dr Dukan knows his stuff.
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You look so wonderful!!!

I will think of your pictures whenever I feel like eating something I should not. Those have given me something to look forward to, how I will look at my children's graduations.

Thank you for posting!


Got to do it this time!!
WOW!! Inspiration for us all! Well done!!! xx


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Thank you. I have to keep looking at the before and after pictures as I still have 'fat eyes'. I wonder how long it will be before my eyes actually catch up with my body. I know logically that I am slimmer, I sometimes put on a pair of jeans I used to wear that were a bit tight and they are uncomfortably loose now but somewhere inbetween it gets lost in translation. I guess it will take time.

I prefer my hair shorter now. Neat, tidy and much better for my face :)


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Frankly, where I'm concerned at least, it takes years and I'm not there yet!

I often fleetingly wonder who the heck "that person" is who I see in the shop windows as I pass ;)


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Crazy isn't it! As the weight dropped off me I kept catching sight of me and being surprised and it was nice. Now I am used to me being this size so no longer surprised until I see a picture of myself, then I see I am slim. My fat eyes now tell me I am still the same size I was before for some strange reason and I am convinced when I step on the scales they are going to be back where they were, really truly convinced. Why are we so hard on ourselves!


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I think when someone's lost a lot of weight it's harder still though as, for years, I saw the fat me in the mirror. The me I see at the moment isn't the slimmest either, and I'm far more self conscious at the few pounds I've regained! (Have you looked at my before/afters in my profile?)


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No I hadn't didn't know they were on here. Just had a look and wow what a difference! You must be so pleased with yourself for loosing that weight and, regardless of how you have kept it off, you have kept it off. You don't look like the same person, you really don't.

I can imagine if you have been much, much bigger that it must be harder for the eyes to catch up and always be thinking of yourself as larger than you really are. Men don't tend to have this issue do they? Most seem to think they are Godlike at the best of times. My husband keeps patting his stomach and saying 'it's paid for' with pride! Will say that Dukan has changed his way of thinking about himself and he has lost some pounds but it makes me laugh in my after picture that his belly is sticking out! Not that it will bother him because he doesn't possess fat eyes!


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Thanks Poppy - I have gained 4K since that lemon suit though, and unfortunately where it shows!

What is strange with my other half also, apart from agreeing wholeheartedly with you, is that he can gain weight yet stay in the same sized clothes. Yet I quickly outgrow my trousers, and move into more forgiving skirts and dresses!


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That is so true. Hubby insists he is still a 32 waist because that is what it says in his trousers, but we got the tape measure out and he was not impressed! still bought 32" and they fit however.

You look amazing and that lemon suit is gorgeous. Is it an aim to get back into it? You must feel proud of yourself to have lost the weight though, surely? My weight is all around my belly, even now that is where it sits. I feel it is now down to needing some good toning and exercise rather than any weight loss though. Or perhaps my age :cry:
You look fantastic Poppy, it’s a real transformation. And really brave of you putting up your pictures. I wouldn’t dare, because I’m embarrassed about the way I used to look – but I was an awful lot bigger. You’re right about men not seeing themselves as being overweight. I used to pat my stomach with pride and say it’d cost a lot of money. What a fool!

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