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Being around food...

Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
Do you find it tricky? or that you have new ways of dealing with it?

I have been finding that I LOVE the smell.. literally will stop to take in the smells in shops etc.. smells that I hated are now smelling lovely to me!

And tonight I felt the heat from a cake my hubby baked.. yes I know grrr to him but it's St Davids day tomorrow and he and my girls are having a welsh day.. Anyway the cake 'felt' lovely and warm and made me want it for a second but that honestly was it.

Hubby offered me a 'nibble' and I said :copon:No thanks! lol

I don't feel the urge to pick or anything - seem to have some weird sense of satisfaction from smelling it though.

How are you all coping?
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Wow that's fantastic will power you have there Purple Hugs!! Thankfully I'm single with no kids so don't have to buy/cook food which for me helps I think. Also one of the reasons why i chose CD, no thinking about food for a while. However my brother lives with me and when he comes home with a kebab or cooks pizza n chips for tea it makes me want it soooo badly but yes like you I love the smell and can somehow manage to say 'no thanks'. Is definately hard at times though.
I'm finding that food looks lovely. Smell is great too, but just looking at the food my housemates prepare is testing me.
The two main meals they eat that I am totally jonesing for (but have resisted) are spaghetti and garlic meatballs and pita bread and melted cheese. Sooo nice to look at but soooo bad to consume for me.
I live with 3 housemates and they are always cooking and like Purple Hugs I enjoy the smells. Sometimes I really really want to have some but I have managed to walk away so far he he. I love walking through the Uni canteen in the morning because I can smell fresh baking. The little things in life eh lol.
ooooooooooh ;)

yeah PH, im with you on this, everything smells delightful. I smell everything i cook for kids and hubby (my fave being when i cut up onions, i smell my fingers for ages!! WEIRD!) Although i smell non-foods too lololol :D:D:D:D

Resisting the temptation to eat it all though....and smile to myself later at night knowing i did this.

It difficult huh? but knowing one day i can indulge again (in small and controlled amounts) makes it easy to say 'no'

take care

Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
This is what's keeping me strong I think.. I keep telling myself i CAN have them.. I'm just choosing not too :) And told hubby tonight he can bake me a cake in the summer! lol not that I'll let myself eat much of it mind you! :p

Glad I'm not the only one 'smelling' ;)
I did tonight actually - ive been on the road all day and stuck to tetras but this evening coming home they all went into KFC and i had to feed my youngest child hers.

Popcorn chicken and chips (drool) and i admit i put a PC into my mouth and chewed it and then realised what i was doing and spat it out!

I think some days will be harder then others and that goes for all of us.


is going to loose!
Saraian and others well done on resisting. PH it is definitely a mind set now telling yourself I choose not to have it I could but no thanks it doesn't fit with my lifestyle at the moment.

Mmmmm tonight I would have LOVED to have a waffle with my friends after ice skating. But I was very very good and didn't. But I do often smell things sometimes it helps and sometimes it makes me want them more!

Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
Sarian well done on realising the slip up! :D You are doing well for sitting through KFC (though I'm veggie so that one I could cope with) lol

Thanks Bren :) I guess I was worried that I'd be on course for a slip up if I kept smelling foods.. but I really don't feel that way at the moment, just wanted to be sure I wasn't leading myself to fail. :)

Well done PB too not having waffles! and for ice-skating! lol I used to love skating when I was a kid, went once a few years back with a teen we fostered - was a real giggle but my ankles killed!! lol too much weight I guess! oops! lol
I love smelling food, i made my OH Heniz spread and bake medditarian tomato with chicken. The sauce smells amazing i was just sniffing at it all day not cos i wanted to eat it just it was nice.

The only temptation i have had was when i was making a cake for a friend and i was fine cooking it but icing it was horrible i still didnt lick my fingers or spoons so i was proud, normally i eat the mix as i am making it so def an improvment!
I'm also cooking for OH and 2 kids whilst on CD SS and don't mind the cooking actually. Smelling the food cooking is quite nice and I just know NOT eating it is doing me good at the moment. Even just smelling one of the kid's cookies was strangely satisfying the other day. Weird? :eek:

Just put the chicken in for the family roast. Must decide what flavour shake to have with it ;).

Soon2bslimmer x
To me it totaly different, I like seeing food or smelling it even last year the time I was on LL, I always hook up to the Sartuday cooking or Jamie at home so that I can see food and that make me feel better just looking at it but once I'm off the diets I have watching it, it strange i know but I really love it.
I usually really suffer at the sight and smell of food. I was up in my room just now and I could smell my mum cooking hot cross buns, which started making me feel really hungry!! However yesterday I went out for a thai meal with friends (I just had a shake and about 2 litres of sparkling water!) and I wasnt really bothered by their food at all!

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