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Being 'Bad' after WI?


Member of **SW Angels**
I was just thinking about tomorrow nights WI and what I'm going to have for my tea afterwards :ashamed0005:........I usually have something 'bad' and off plan after WI. Does anyone else do that? I think I have carried it over from Weight Watchers but I'm not losing weight as quickly as I like and I'm wondering if this is a reason.
My other half likes his stodgy food etc so I feel bad depriving him of pies or fish and chips (home made) especially in the winter nights which is why we have this off plan evening.
What does everyone else do?
If it's just me........I'll have to change my ways!
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Just follow the plan
I dont but I know others do. I just want to get the maximum weight loss and really dont want a gain or sts due to something I ate a week ago lol
I think this is a common problem!

Back in the day when the Slimming Magazine Clubs were going I had three mates who used to do the very same thing, week in, week out. Straight to the chippie or the kebab shop after the WI!

Yeah it can slow down loss but on the other hand if it helps you stick to your diet the rest of the week it might even be a good thing!

Good luck!
yeah i always used to do that on a thursday nite after weigh in and loadsa ppl at class used to too. I also didnt stick to it rigid on the weekend but did it syn free monday to thursday nite and never had a problem. thats why if i ever joined sw again i would go for the thursday nite class rather than the monday nite lol gives ya a bit of breathing space i reckon x


I ate my willpower!
For a treat I have a chicken shish kebab (no bread, just salad), which is bascially grilled chicken with a small portion of doner meat for about 5 syns. I am still within my syn allowance but I feel naughty! You can have treats within your syn allowance. I am usually really motivated after class that I don't feel like eating something "bad".


Must try harder...
I don't know whether I should be answering really as I don't actually go to a class, but I 'WI' on a Friday morning and then used to eat a couple of take aways over the weekend and usually some ice-cream and as you can see I haven't lost a lot in the 3 months I've been doing SW! So now I have decided to try and stick to around 10 syns a day during the week, and then on a Friday and Saturday try and stick to 25 syns a day so at least I can have a few treats but really I'm only using the syns I have sort of 'saved' from during the week, plus I feel more in control because I am still counting. If I stop counting I eat far too much 'naughty' food!! :p :eek: Will see how I go from now on....!
I'm not really planning to - but might allow myself a flexi syn 'evening', rather than the whole day ;)

Like have a roast dinner followed by a bowl of apple strudel and custard, and a bar of chocolate :eek: lol

But count it all, and be extra good the couple of days following :)


Member of **SW Angels**
I just had chippy chips and scampi after my WI. It was good but I'm going to try and give it a miss next week for a few weeks to see what effect it has. To be honest I usually have one night at the weekend when I usually go off the rails a bit so I probably can't get away with 2 nights. I'll let you know if it works.......
i planned to have a treat but after weigh in i decided not to put my hard work to waste !!
i always feel inspired and motivated after weigh in so rarely splurge!


Member of **SW Angels**
I'm quite surprised at the number of people who don't have a night off after WI. In my office all the girls on the various plans have a little splurge. Ah well......I'm going to try and knock it on the head and see how I go. Onwards and downwards hopefully...
I have just rejoined slimming world after a few years gap.
My WI is on a Tues at 5.30pm, which is a good time for me, I can have my tea after WI & won't be ravenous.
I used to always get chips after my WI before because I was usually starving, but I'm going to try & do it differently this time.
What I hope to do either have SW chips or save up some sins for Tues night & see if that helps.

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