Being called fat...

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What a rude woman! I can understand that you would be upset by something so vicious Hun..but remember you are doing something to change that..she will always be a vile individual.
Sadly there are people out there like this, but hold your head up high and just think someday you are going to reach that goal of yours.


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Aw no! *hug*

When strangers call me fat, I always get really upset, even though part of me knows their opinion doesnt matter one bit.

Screw that horrible cow. I'm sure your not fat, but you can lose lbs. That woman will forever rude and ignorant, and that's much worse.

And hey, what goes around, come around!


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I'm sorry you had to go through that - it's horrible, but it says more about her than it does about you. Don't let her have any more power over how you feel about yourself than you already have, and forget about that rude, nasty person.


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What a horrible vile woman!! Maybe she is pe'd off because she doesn't have any friends.... people like that can't have, surely!

Echoing what was said earlier.... you're doing something to change your weight. People like that make me so angry grr


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That's awful! *hugs*

I've been shouted at before and it is horrible, though I'm probably more shocked at how rude people are than the words themselves.

As Jojo says, what comes around goes around, please don't get too upset by it, that woman is more ugly on the inside than anyone could ever possibly be on the outside, the poor thing ;)

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Thanks guys, I feel much better. Its good to know that there are people on your side for a bit of support!
Really appriciate it.


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*hugs* to you! How vile is that woman!!! :mad:

Just think, you're never going to see her again so just try to blank it out of your mind. xxxx


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That is really rude and nasty. Please don't let her get you down. It's just not worth it.


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This has happened to me a few times over the years and even though I know these people are small minded, vicious no-marks I would be left feeling devastated.

I was always more annoyed at myself for how I allowed that person's behaviour to have such an effect. I have never learned to master this so can offer no advice on how to not let it upset you, (it comes from being a sensitive, emotionally intelligent adult, so in a way, it is positive that vile behaviour upsets you- this is how good people should feel)

I can only give you a massive bear hug to make you feel better ((((((massive hug))))))
If I had been there I probably would have looked too. But not at you - at her, wondering how someone could be so rude and horrible.

And I bet that was what most people there were thinking too. There is something seriously wrong with someone who will shout out insults like that - reasonable people do not behave like that.

So just forget about it - you know who you are, so be confident in yourself.

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Can't say anymore than what everyone else has said but just wanted to send big hugs xx


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Eugh some people are horrible aren't they?

Not any consolation hun but a friend of my cousin's, when asked why she called someone fat (who wasn't) - said that calling a girl fat is a standard insult and she knew all girls would be upset by it. WTF?

People throw insults too much and don't think about what spurts from their mouths (which they forget later) can seriously damage someone.

Don't let her get to you - you're here and making a change and as others have said, she's always going to be hideous if that's her attitude.

Chin up hun - don't let someone spoil your day xxx


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The girl obviously has some serious issues going on in her life to be that hateful, at least you are happy in your life and not on the same level as her. Don't let her vileness get to you, you can forget all about her, but unfortunately she has to live with herself and her attitude everyday, thats justice.


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I agree whole-heartedly with Avisk - if people were looking because they heard her remark then they were probably thinking what a rude and nasty way to behave towards someone.

I also think it is pretty much a 'standard' insult too. When I got down to size 10 clothes (and not tight either) at the beginning of 2009 I got called a fat cow by some bloke(s) as I passed them.

I was gutted on Saturday to hear that my best friends boyfriend had told a girl (no-one we know so I can't make him apologise) that she was fat on new years eve. He got short shrift from me and his other friends. And even when we were telling him off, we still didn't mention the fact that he wants to lose about 4 stone himself and is so self-conscious about his own weight that he hates eating in public. I was so dissapointed in him that it actually made me feel nauseous. That must be what its like to have children and them do something hideous!

Anyway - hugs to you (and to that poor girl on NYE whoever she was). And be pleased that you didn't respond and lower yourself to have a public slanging match with someone who so obviously did not deserve your attention.



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:hug99: Just remember , we have to have people like that, so we can feel superior!