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Being happy in between!!

http://www.minimins.com/cd-inspirati...tone-year.html (6 stone in a year) look here at my success thread :)

At my heaviest I weighed 21stone and wore an evans size 24/26, I remember always complaining, they never make nice clothes in sizes larger than a size 20!! Well christmas 2009 I bought a silk black dress in a size 20 from kaliko (more like a size 18) and thought wouldn't it be nice to be able to get into it for my birthday april 15th 2010, well I finally managed to get into it March 26th 2011, and will be wearing it for my birthday in a couple of weeks, I am aware that I am still a 'big' girl but I felt the prettiest I've felt in over 8 years, I have a few other clothes I bought in a size 18/20 that i feel attractive in :) so I lost three stone and have 6 stone to go but I'm enjoying being 16stone and pretty :)!!!
So please enjoy the in between weights!!! The little targets you reach and make sure you celebrate them!!!

Uploaded Photos in my photo gallery
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hoping for a good loss
well done you, you are doing so well. I am just back after giving SW a go and not losing lol.
I too haven't been this light for years and love the compliments I get from people but know I still have a way to go.
Bet you look stunning in the dress
Charlie xx
posted photos in my gallery :) have a look!
one was taken mid August last year and the one in my black dress taken last saturday after night out :) had a couple of glasses of white wine so abit squiffy :)



hoping for a good loss
wow, what a huge difference. Wish my before and present photos looked so different.
Looking fab honey
Well the lost two stone on cambridge, I still use the water flavourings, make jelly puds yum, but I lost the last stone with a twice weekly personal training, and two times at the gym myself, I missed food, and was cheating everyday so just thought, why not stop the shakes and get a personal trainer, it took six weeks for my weight to start shifting, but now it is and I lose about a 1lb a week, but my body is toning up and I'm losing inches, I still email and see my CDC she is great!!!
Wow well done Hun you're doing so well :) it's great when you start to feel good about yourself again! The dress looks lovely on you :) keep up the fab work xx
fabulous hun amazing difference
You're looking fantastic, and look smaller than an 18 to me! Fabulous legs, lady.
All the running on the treadmill :)
The stepper is a killer.... but works :)
I can do 60mins on the cross trainer!!
I plan to post another pic when I reach 13stone4lbs.....saving up to buy another dress!!!
New photo uploaded, 3and half stone down

This is me now taken today, around a size 14.....


up top three photos, first 19stone and a half stone, second was 16stone4 and this one is 13stone2lbs, hope to post the last photo will probably be 10and a half stone in three months time
All I can say is WOW!!!!!! :)
thanks, finally posted my inspirational photos in the right part ahem! what am I like, take a looksi :)
Can't find them Hun! I've seen the ones of you in this thread though and you've done amazingly well! :)


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you look wonderful, this dress suits you.
I remember being at the same weight as now, but going up I felt so big and heavy. And now as I dropped the pounds and going the other way I feel sooo light. It's all a matter of self perception.
Your looking fab well done! Like the blonde change too!

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