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Being near food...

Sorry, this is the second thread I have started today but I really want to ask; does anyone else here have to be near food even on LT? Someone mentioned on another thread they cook for their kids. I cook for my parents about 3 times a week, and I find it really hard not to taste the food. Also I know that our stomach often get ready to digest stuff as soon as you smell food. Am I putting myself through temptation for no good reason? Or do you all have to cook as well? Should I tell my parents I can't cook for them? I really don't want to, as they are both tired a lot and my dad especially won't eat heathly food if I don't cook it.
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rainbow brite

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I don't feel the need to cook but if something yummy is being cooked in my presence for some reason it helps to take a giant sniff. You can appreciate the food without tasting it - sounds really bizarre I know but it seems to do the trick.

If you can handle cooking for your parents then go for it hun but if you think you might cave and taste (even just a tiny bit) then avoid it.

Good luck! xx

rainbow brite

S: 15st1lb C: 12st6.6lb G: 8st10lb BMI: 30 Loss: 2st8.4lb(17.25%)
Oh, and don't worry about the number of threads you start sweetie, knock yourself out with 'em! :D lol
I live with my mum and my big brother and we all take turns cooking, were a family that is big on home cooking so every 3 days I take my turn and whip up bolognese, chilli, roast pork with all the trimmings For dinner or salads and sandwiches for lunch. i just sniff it and if it needs checking for seasoning i shout someone to taste
but thats me and it may be different for you im on day 43 so have cooked a fair few times and havent given in to temptation the first few days i was so determined not to give in there was no way i wouldve and now its just normal for me to cook and not eat it

Totally up to you hon, if your mom and dad rely on you doing it for them then it may be a bit of a blow to them but if they can do it themselves and it makes it easier for you then have a chat to them and see what they think.
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I'm on day 111 and I have to cook most days for my children. I don't find it a problem now but there were a couple of days at the beginning when I had to let my eldest cook coz it was too hard. The children are pretty good and will test if I need it.

Try it, if it's too hard then leave it for another week. Soon you'll be as detached as me and be able to shop and cook without it worrying you.

Good luck.



Says it as it is!!!
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Everyday 3 times a day ...if not more..it gets easier and you wil soon enjoy thinking of new things to create!
I am a good cook and I have determination and am working on developing a will of steel, so damn it, I SHALL cook. And I SHALL NOT taste.

Thanks everyone!
Thank god its not just me not only do I like cooking but I love watching people eat
I've been ok so far actually cooking.

I've struggled when my OH has cooked something very strong smelling, like today was chorizo sausages and they smelt gorgeous!! Been SO wanting to eat all day - although not hungry.

He really doesn't get it


Says it as it is!!!
C: 8st11lb G: 8st11lb
LOL men usually don't!!!!!
I was away for the day with my son and he kept offering me sweets and crisps he kept forgrting thank god I didnt and stick my hand in the bag it was hard though but Im happy I resisted
since i have been on LT i have been cooking like mad and i promise not a bite has passed my lips im so bored having nothing to do and i love cooking this weekend i made a bonofee pie for my dad and caramel cake and banana bread ,and lots more stuff for my OH it takes the boredom out of it and then there is all the dishes to clean up i find i need to be constantly doing something so that im not sat in front of the tv thinking what is in the cupboards to eat honestly my house has never been so clean i have every cupboard and drawer organised;)


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I found in really difficult at first, but now 4 weeks in i went out with the family for a 'meal' and it felt so good watching them suffing thier faces whilst i sat there with my fizzy water. All i keep thinking is, i will be a size 12 soon and that feels so much better than any food tastes.

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