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Cruise PV being prepared


last diet.......EVER!!
Hi CHRISR', If I'm honest I find it much easier when I am at work to follow Dukan as there are not any distractions.......in my case it's the garden, when I'm in it time just flies.
I always do my shopping on line, partly as we live in the sticks, secondly you can keep an eye on the budget, you don't get drawn into popping silly things in your trolley & lastly it's much more civilized!!:D:D
After a few days back at work, you'll be flying again!!


** Chief WITCH **
I always recommend preparing things in advance... no excuses later on then ;)
Oh My, I miss Tesco. You guys don't know how lucky you are!:) I have no choice but to scour the supermarkets here. Trying to find FF dairy is a nightmare. Plenty of greek yogurt of course but can only find 2% cottage cheese, 7% fromage frais and as for cheese, forget it. Bought some 'less than 5%'. It was like chewing a car tyre:) Still waiting for the oatbran I ordered to arrive, so, 4th day of cruise and still haven't had any. On the plus side, spent yesterday on the beach and didn't feel quite the blob of recent weeks. PP day today and have no clue as yet what's for lunch or dinner. Oh well, of to the shops. Have a good day all. x
im totally disorginised LOL ... must scour the recipes for ideas of stuff i can make/take up to the farm im renovating that can be bunged in the oven/eaten cold/keep in cool box as its a 40 mile round trip to the nearest shop from there.... good for the diet mind you as its not so tempting to nip out for chocolate lol
Hi work was good, temptation in the staff room choc hobnobs for example but I can honestly say it didnt enter my head to have one. If anything I didnt take enough food with me as I was hungry this aft so tomorrow im going to take quick snack in e.g. muffin so when the students have a break at 3. So more prepared tomorrow. Ive just made some spicy meatballs to eat now and then some tomorrow for lunch. I took skimmed milk and I managed to remember it so all in all a good day. I'm cream crackered now but soon will get into the swing of it Ive been off for the summer hols - 12 weeks :0


** Chief WITCH **
being disorganised, and making bad food choices when hungry, is what got me and many others no doubt where we were weight wise... when hungry, I'm fair game if tempted!

When working full time (and living in two residences over the week), I've no choice BUT to be organised... and when people say they don't have time for this or that, I'm often tempted to say that "we all have the same 24H, just that we choose what we do with them". I'm a good multi tasker too and, if the oven's on, I'll fill it and freeze... if I'm standing at the stove for one thing, might as well do two, then package into individual portions and freeze.
I am determined not to mess up with Dukan so I will make sure I have stuff organised and easy to grab from fridge or freezer. Cooking extra is easy. Ive got post it notes everywhere in the kitchen to help me remember my stuff. If i need time to cook or organise food then its now a priority. :)

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