being told to come off lipotrim

Discussion in 'Lipotrim Forum' started by dolphin, 19 September 2007 Social URL.

  1. dolphin

    dolphin Full Member

    a few weeks ago i had a funny turn whent white felt sick and dizzy got a bit shakey but it didnt last to long .ive been on lipotrim before and was fine last year, started again and on 10th day had a bit of a headach this morning and took some paras then about an hour later i felt dizzy sick and light headed and went very wgite went to sit down for a bit (was at work) and got worse then i started to shake badly heart palps and was stone cold and every time i stop up it got worse it scared me to death my boss wanted to take me to hospital but got bf to meet me at home this carried on for a few hours called for a doc but said it would be a couple of hours yet in the mean time i started to feel better feel ok now still get dizzy when i first stand up but much better didnt want to waste docs time on coming out so rang back and made app for tomoz has anyone else felt like this as everyone at work kept telling me to eat something its coz of the diet i didnt as im determend to lose this weight and got through the hardest first week just want to know if this is down to the diet or its something else dont want to eat something if its not the diet and undo the work ive done all advice welcome
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  3. ducatidiva

    ducatidiva Silver Member

    None of us on here are qualified to tell you what to do Dolphin, so I recommend you see your GP immediately. If you've done LT before I'd have thought you could do it again, but you really need to see a doctor!

    Hope you get better soon!
  4. icemoose

    icemoose The Diet Guy

    Don't diet anymore!
    As Elle said it is your GP that you should listen to and take advice from.

    It is known that for the first few days on a VLCD you can feel light headed etc but it is for you and your GP to decide whether this is "normal" and whether to stick on the diet.

  5. ravenbeauty5

    ravenbeauty5 Keep smiling

    I agree with Icemoose and Elle Dolphin, do as your doctor says. There are other diets that you may be able to do which are similar to LT but I would find out the cause if your illness before you undertake anything. Hope you feel better soon!!
  6. dolphin

    dolphin Full Member

    cheers guys feel much better today just of to docs in a bit fingers crossed i can stay on it
  7. ravenbeauty5

    ravenbeauty5 Keep smiling

    Good Luck!!
  8. dolphin

    dolphin Full Member

    well im ok and doc says i dont have to stop the diet i have some thing i cant spell or say attacks its basicaly a sudded drop in blood presure dont know why it happenens but it can be quite popular never heard of it myself . so on with the diet im glad i waited till i had spoke to doc and not eaten even though im finding it very hard this time around but gonna be strong
  9. sonkie

    sonkie Gold Member

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    Good news that you can stay on the diet hun, you must change the title of this thread If you cant do it let me know I will do it for you lol.
  10. ravenbeauty5

    ravenbeauty5 Keep smiling

    Great news Dolphin!! Put it all behind you now and concentrate on your Diet and you will be laughing in a few weeks!! So pleased for you!!:D
  11. dolphin

    dolphin Full Member

    cheers ladies feel so much better for knowing what it is moving forward now weight in monday figers crossed
  12. Bea

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    Great news....
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