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  1. Bella-slimmer

    Bella-slimmer Full Member


    On Monday I started Weight Watcher's online and think I'll be doing 'Simply filling' most of the time because I like the idea of not having to count!

    I can't even remember what I ate yesterday but here is today's food:

    2 Crumpets with a teaspoon of golden syrup and a banana

    Carrot soup
    Another crumpet with 40g melted cheese- 2 pp

    A big salad- lettuce, rocket and tomatoes
    Quorn burger
    Quorn sausage
    A wholemeal roll - 2pp
    Jalapeno sauce

    Half a tin of baked beans
    30g oats
    Galaxy milk- 4pp

    I think I had a few too many weeklies today! xx
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  3. Becktoria79

    Becktoria79 Gold Member

    Hi Bella,
    Looks like you made a good start on SF. How was yesterday?
  4. Bella-slimmer

    Bella-slimmer Full Member

    Hi Becktoria,

    I think it went okay- although I only have 9 weeklies left until Monday! How have you found the plan? do you switch between Counting & Simply filling?


    Porridge oats
    Fresh orange juice

    WW tomato soup
    Crumpet with ww daily spread
    A banana
    A glass of grape juice - 3

    Grilled chicken
    Butternut squash mash
    Potato wedges (made at home with frylight so the same as a baked potato!)

    Today so far:

    Scrambled egg on toast with mushrooms- 2
    Orange juice

    Lunch will probably carrot soup and a piece of fruit.

    How are you?
  5. Bella-slimmer

    Bella-slimmer Full Member

    Today was a write-off!

    Egg on toast with mushrooms

    Carrot soup

    Tomato Sauce
    Slice of garlic bread

    Snacks - oh dear!
    2 Galaxy Ripples
    3 Mr Kipling Battenbergs
    Chocolate brownie pudding x 2 (this was 900 calories!!!, I didn't realize until after I'd eaten it!)

    Soo I'll see how it goes. Even though I've overeaten today and now exceeded my weeklies I'm trying not to stress out. Today I went over my calories by less than 3,600 cals (about a third of that) so I'll only put on about a third of a pound from today and from Monday to this morning I had lost 2lbs so hopefully I'll still lose 1lb or more at weigh in on Monday!

  6. Becktoria79

    Becktoria79 Gold Member

    Hey there,
    I used to have a mix of days when I was on plan just for the flexibility but I do find if you can do it that a whole week of sf made me feel better and I seemed to get good losses, it is sometimes just hard to fit around life. It is good to have the flexibility of both though. Don't worry about yesterday, you have done well throughout the week!
  7. sarahloub1

    sarahloub1 Gold Member

    hi I'm here to subscribe. your diary looks good.

    how do you make the carrot soup? x
  8. Bella-slimmer

    Bella-slimmer Full Member

    aw thanks :) It was actually bought soup and I should have counted the propoints!

    also thanks Bektoria, hope you're okay!

    I lost 2lbs this week, which is not that good for a first week but then I binged twice!

  9. sarahloub1

    sarahloub1 Gold Member

    well done on your loss.

    it's my first week of simply filling and it's weird not counting everything but I like the choices I've got better.

    is ww petit pain free do you know? x
  10. blonde8

    blonde8 Full Member

    Ww petit pains are free Hun xx
  11. sarahloub1

    sarahloub1 Gold Member

    Wahoo thanks hun xx
  12. blonde8

    blonde8 Full Member

    Got a good bargain in pound land u got 50% extra free so got six instead of four then they were three packs for £2 so got 18 rolls for £2 xx
  13. Bella-slimmer

    Bella-slimmer Full Member

    That sounds good. I love ww petit pains and the fact that crumpets are free! (and a teaspoon of golden syrup) :)

    Sarah, I think it takes a little getting used to- I keep switching between Simply filling and counting. Today I'm actually counting because I've had too many non 'Healthy & filling' foods!

    A crumpet with daily spread and syrup

    A piece of wholemeal bread with flora and jam
    Carrot soup
    Highlights hot chocolate

    I've used 16 propoints.

    I hope people don't mind me switching when my food diary is in the Simply Filling section. I'm trying to do 'Filling & Healthy days' nearly everyday but sometimes I can't stick to it as it depends what food we have in the house xx
  14. Bella-slimmer

    Bella-slimmer Full Member

    A glass of apple juice
    10 almonds

    Butternut squash soup
    2x Crumpets with daily spread and sardines


    not sure yet!
  15. sarah88

    sarah88 Gold Member

    Popping in to subscribe, looks like ur doing well! Don't worry bout swapping ur days to pp we still dont mind u having a sf/pp diary in this forum! Lots of us already on here do that anyway!

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  16. Bella-slimmer

    Bella-slimmer Full Member

    Thanks :) You've had an impressive lots of losses (signature!). I just weighed in and lost 2lbs this week, despite bingeing a little again!

    Do you switch each day? or mainly do Simply filling?

  17. sarah88

    sarah88 Gold Member

    I havent updated my signature yet! That was all last year, I gained most back from july-2 days ago and have started afresh on third day now with a starting weight of 12.7 3/4 I have a diary in sf section! I lost all the weight last year doing mainly 5 days sf and 2 days pp (usually weekend) but im only doing 1 sf day this wk!

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  18. sarah88

    sarah88 Gold Member

    And well done on ur loss! Its great when u lose when uve been a bit food naughty!

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  19. Bella-slimmer

    Bella-slimmer Full Member

    Aw but still you've done it before so you know exactly how to lose it again :). We weigh a similar amount!

    My weight is up and down all the time- last May I was 13 stone something but then I went down to the 11s and now am in the 12s again!

    I'm just going to check out your food diary for some inspiration! do you find pp days easier?

    Today so far

    Oatso simple porridge with a tsp of golden syrup- 3pp
    Lunch: Pitta bread with tomato soup- 6pp
    Almond slice- 4pp
    Activia 0% vanilla yoghurt- 2pp
    Prawn cocktail crisps- 5pp
    Dinner: 2 Quorn sausages, potato wedges, carrots and peas- 5pp
    Total: 26 propoints

    If I was doing simply filling I'd have had to use 15 or 20 weeklies so I've decided today is a propoints day. I might also have a galaxy milk but that would 8 pp and mean I have to earn 5 activity points so I'll go for a dog walk in a minute and a run later!

  20. sarah88

    sarah88 Gold Member

    Sounds like a good day there! I dont find either plan easier or harder really! Sf u have to cook alot more and I find I eat loads more esp bread products but after having 7 months of meat veg potato beans ect last year in enjoying having things like pie chicken kiev ect! Plus sf buggs me that I have to point butter ect out of my weeklies which means alot less treats which is never good!

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  21. Bella-slimmer

    Bella-slimmer Full Member

    Yeah I find it the same! on SF and slimming world it does feel like there are a whole range of foods you can't really have! but then I guess it does help guide people towards eating healthily!

    On the note, today is a propoints day and as it is Shrove Tuesday I've decided it's only right to eat all the bad foods in the house:

    Breakfast: 5 oreos - yum- 7
    Bowl of butternut squash soup- 3
    Prawn cocktail crisps -5
    Snack: Mars bar -8
    Dinner: Sea bass fillet with vegetables - 3

    Total: 26
    If I have a pancake tonight I'll have to dip into my weeklies or go for a run!


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