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Belly Chafing?!


WILL do it!
I noticed the area underneath my bottom "tyre" of my belly was sore and stinging earlier but didnt think anything of it.

I just had a look and I've got a nasty looking red blotch which is sore and stings when I touch it just above my pubic area (sorry for any offence!) It's about a 2 inch circle in diameter and looks quite angry! I've been poorly today and have got a temperature so have obviously been hotter than usual - could my raised body temperature be related?

This is horrible - I've never had anything like this before. I'm guessing at least some of u have experienced this - any tips on how I can stop it hurting and make it go away?! :sigh:
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It might help to cover the area to stop it continuing to rub and put some antiseptic cream on. If its no better and you continue to have a temp and feel poorly go to the doc as it could spread and become cellulitis which is difficult to treat and sometimes needs IV antibiotics.
Is it a bit watery? Its prob a sweat rash between the skin folds, hurts like hell and smells sometimes.
You can get Daktacort cream from the chemist or your Doctors which will be an instant relief and will clear it up. Keep it clean and dry but don't use talc as it makes it worse.

I know how sore it can be, trust me :eek:


WILL do it!
@zellka: my temperature's pretty much back to normal today so hopefully im over the worst of whatever it was, it really knocked me for 6! just laid on the sofa all day yesterday couldnt move was aching all over. What do u suggest covering it with?

@vicky82: It does smell a bit to be honest (disgusting!) but doesnt look watery, if anything it looks a bit shiny. Its not so sore or stingy today but is definitely making its presence known lol what do u suggest I use to keep it dry?


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Hi samprand i have suffered that before, and i use a cream called sudocream the ones they use for nappy rash for babies, it works really well and by tomorrow should have eased a lot if the cream is used.

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