How to lose fat off the stomach area

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  1. 3-pounds-togo

    3-pounds-togo Member

    Hi there,

    OK, sorry about this because I'm about to ask a really silly and cliched question and I should probably know this being a nutritionist myself but I'm wondering how I can lose weight JUST off the stomach area. In total I've lost around 25 lbs and am almost there and to be fair, it has come off pretty evenly as I have been dieting very slowly and exercising often etc. However, because I started off with an apple shape and had a higher ratio of fat on my stomach, I am now left with a reasonably lean body but still some handfuls of fat around my middle :(.

    I do quite a lot of stomach exercises, crunches etc and I'm sure I've got a six-pack underneath the fat lol, but I can't seem to shift that fat. It seems the stomach area is the first place I put on weight if I over eat and although I have definitely lost fat off this area, I don't want to lose much more weight on the whole as I am going to start looking gaunt or like a skeleton with a belly :D(I always lose weight of my face first) and as I said, the rest of my body is fine now. My understanding was that it was a matter of doing lots of stomach exercises to lose weight off this area but will this work even without a calorie deficit and will that target the stomach area enough to help the fat come off?

    I should know this but I truly am at a loss with this one.

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  3. Stackhead

    Stackhead Slow and steady...

    You can't spot reduce fat from certain areas, it comes off where it comes off.

    However, they do say what's first to go on is usually last to come off. If your weight is reaching a reasonable level then you might want to do some weight training focusing on the core.

    But no, you won't lose fat without a calorie deficit.
  4. 3-pounds-togo

    3-pounds-togo Member

    Thanks for your reply. Yes, I had a feeling that would be the case, however, I also thought that perhaps if I did intense stomach exercises, that somehow the fat would reduce.

    When you say "you might want to do some weight training focusing on the core" do you mean that if I did some training on the middle area, the fat would reduce? How is that any different than doing crunches etc? Sorry if I'm missing something here, I think I'm perhaps over thinking it:eek:
  5. 3-pounds-togo

    3-pounds-togo Member

    Also, if there are any fitness/personal trainers out there that know the specific physiology/biology in this field and how it all works, I would love to hear your comments. If it really is true that the area the the fat goes on first will be the last to come off, that's so depressing!
  6. 3-pounds-togo

    3-pounds-togo Member

    Thanks for the tips!
  7. manishak

    manishak Member

    I have reduced a lot after following one month's dieting. But honestly belly fat is tough! I agree with cave girl here. Even I had replaced my carbs with high protein diet. However, that helped a bit. I guess crunching along with dieting should help. I am currently doing that. Will let you know the results if they are positive.
  8. toofatkat

    toofatkat Not such a fat kat now :)

    Definitely get a weighted hula hoop. My daughter had had one for years. She's naturally skinny but when she started using the hoop her stomach muscles really toned up. You end up with bruises around your middle for a few weeks while you get used to the lumps but they soon go. She stands in her room and swings the thing round for at least half sn hour at a time. She's says it's relaxing

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  9. 3-pounds-togo

    3-pounds-togo Member

    Thanks for all the tips on this. (It's funny how I still have to ask even though I know the truth deep down that you can't magic stomach fat away - grr stomach fat)

    Anyway, just thought I'd update. I have lost a few more pounds since I started this thread and actually, the stomach has gone down a bit without compromising other parts that were thin enough already. I still have a little belly but nothing I can't handle given what I used to carry around the middle!

    So, just thought I'd give a bit of hope to fellow apples that once you reduce your weight to a healthy weight alongside lots of stomach exercises and dedication, you can still end up looking well-balanced and reasonably even all over.

  10. mybodyisacage

    mybodyisacage Silver Member

    I have lost weight with diet and exercise and hit a certain weight. When I did I was very happy that my stomach was reducing and being taught. I then regained weight and then have since relost it with only diet due to illness. I am back to that same weight I had got to and my stomach looks so different. The only difference ia the lack of running. So I would definitely recommend that. I was running 3/4 times a week for 30-60mins
  11. wyneandsoda

    wyneandsoda Member

    This is my exact question, unfortunately the answers aren't the magic that I was looking for!! Oh well, I guess it's back to watching what I eat and working hard in the gym/pool x
  12. ihavethesun

    ihavethesun Member

    Fat freezing treatment.

    Not 100% getting rid of it, but I noticed a difference.

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  13. samsmum1

    samsmum1 Silver Member

    Hi I read recently that low carb diets in particular Atkins, were more efficient at blitzing stomach fat primarily because of the way carbs are broken down. There was a study cited but can't quite remember what it was- might be worth a google though!
    Sal x
  14. wyneandsoda

    wyneandsoda Member

    Thanks that sounds interesting.
  15. RebeccaA360

    RebeccaA360 New Member

    It works, believe me

    1.Have a warm cup of water with a lemon slice every morning and after every meal.
    2.Eat light meals and avoid junk foods.
    3.Hold your stomach in (like when you inhale) for a few seconds every now and then,it will tighten your stomach muscles.
    4.Do sit-ups.
    5.Do yoga/aerobics/ dancing.Just get moving&eat right :)

    Hope this helps..


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