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Belly - Slendertone

Hi there all , just loooking on some advice in making my stomach smaller , as some of you know i been on CD since end of July. I go to the gym at least three times a week and do a mixture of cardio and weights. I also do a lot of walking as i spend a lot of time in London.

Although i am dropping waist sizes and looking my face looks thiner , i am finding it hard to shift it from my belly , the lower the belly (apron) seems very wobbly. I

I been doing sit up's everyone other day but needs something to kick start the weight loss on my stomach , i have looked at the Slendertones which are available but i really wanted some peoples advice before i go out and buy one. Are they worth getting ?
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Thing is.... My belly has shrunk...alot since ive lost weight my lower belly has really gone down and not even considering a tummy tuck now ...so maybe its just worth waiting to see what happens? I suppose the belts would be good for the muscles..

I really dunno...
How bout sit ups?
I had one and couldn't stand the sensation - 'slight tickling' my *rse, more like extreme torture. Then again, I think I have sensitive nerve endings around the waist due to a bout of shingles years ago - can't stand cold sea water either. I sold mine at the car boot for a couple of quid so maybe ebay might be good for a bargain so you don't waste money if it doesn't agree with you.
I have noticed that my skin is looser around the waist which I don't think any amount of clenching would get rid of, so don't expect miracles there


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Hi....if it's your lower belly I don't think the Slendertone will work...it's designed for your midriff where your abs are.. Pads go on your belly button area and either side of your stomach. It will make you lose inches combined with exercise, but as for helping with aprons, I can't say! All I know is under me flab i do have a six pack thanks to the slendertone lol :)....I think alternating different stomach crunches and sit ups will probably be more effective hun. x


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I love my slendertone and my waist has gone down a lot (but prob more the diet than the belt). As mentioned above it is more the waist area it works. I have the active belt so use it when I am doing other exercise and it works out my healthy heart range, cals burnt etc. Also I read somewhere that it takes up to a year for your body to catch up with a VLC diet, so just keep with the exercise you are doing, you are one step ahead of me already.

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