Bellybee's diary - Momentus decision made


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It's a shame my DH one can't just come over lol.!
Well anyway I decided I should start a diary on Mini Mins.
I will try and update as often as possible.
In case anyone doesn't know:-
I'm Lisa i am 22 years old I work in a call centre.
I started doing LL on 26th June 2006 I moved over to CD 2-3 weeks later as I preferred the flavours.
I have lost 2 stone 13lbs so far and don't think I have strayed once.
I am not always 100% though as I occasionly have a coke or dr pepper zero.
I am still very much learning at this diet and don't doubt I will struggle a lot over the coming months.
Ideally i want to get to 10 and a half stone this means I have 6 stone 2lbs to go. I plan to stop SSing at 11stone and then move to 790 plan to shift the last half a stone while moving up gradually.
For the first time in my life I feel I can actually achieve my goal and by my birthday I should be able to buy something out of next for the 1st time ever.
I would love it if you chatted to me and stuff and it can be about anything not just diets.
For example pets, books, magazines, philosphy (lol get my brain moving) I def need more friends
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Firstly WOW well done on losing nearly 3 stone! That is fantastic!
I also started out on LL last year, I lost 5 stone in 3 months then switched to CD and lost a further 1 stone. Unfortunately I made the mistake of having a break from VLCD over Christmas and not only now gained about 3 stone back but have been jumping on and off the wagon all this year! I am now as of today back on the wagon! Hopefully untill my holiday in October, then again after the holiday untill I get to about 10 stone!
Good luck with your continued weight loss and keep us all posted of your progress! You will be wearing a lovely slinky outfit from Next in no time at all!
Have a great evening
OMG how well are you doing, I am only approaching my second stone and also started on the 26th June.
Hi BB!! You're practically the same age as me:D. Well done the great loss so far :)
Hi Lisa,

Delighted to see you doing a diary as it will keep you on track and you will get to goal.

I love your poetry and I hope we will see more over the coming months.

You have achieved so much already!
Mini Goals for Mini Mins
Before my birthday on 19th September i hope to have lost another stone or maybe 10lbs

I would also like to be another dress size down which i nearly am

Before my sister in law arrives i would like to be into the 14st mark this means I need to lose 2stone 9lb by the 8th december

I would like to SS through my birthday and xmas and on january the 1st I want to be 13 stone 7lbs so 3 stone 2lb to go
love your goals BB, they seem so reachable too, im looking forward to reading your thread, and I think you have done soooooooo well. I m at work at the mo, so need to dash and actually pretend to do something but ill be checking in later!

Have a superweekend, and keep aiming for that goal, I feel just like you, I can see light at the end of the tunnel and not a big long tunnel with no end.

Well done on your weight loss so far, and keep it up hun, dont forget what you have acheived so far is amazing x
That's cool Zareena although everyones always suprised when i say my age :mad: they say it's because I am mature but I dont wanna be mature.
I think to be honest it's because I am not and have never been into the whole clubbing thing oh and because I am married that always suprises them

Oh married?!.. that suprised me too..:D How are you doing anyway?? I hope you're getting on okay:)
Awww.. I'd love to get married too.. Finding the right man is always the hard! I'd love to see photos!! Have you got any kids?:)
Well today has been stressful but I have thought about coming home and having a bath and reading my book for the 1st time rather than obsessing about eating food. I think this is really good for me. I do feel that I need to be doing more to fight my food demons though now I am not on LL any longer and need to either get a book or find a website with some exercises for me to work through.
Really hope everyone is doing well.