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Bellybee's diary - Momentus decision made


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It's a shame my DH one can't just come over lol.!
Well anyway I decided I should start a diary on Mini Mins.
I will try and update as often as possible.
In case anyone doesn't know:-
I'm Lisa i am 22 years old I work in a call centre.
I started doing LL on 26th June 2006 I moved over to CD 2-3 weeks later as I preferred the flavours.
I have lost 2 stone 13lbs so far and don't think I have strayed once.
I am not always 100% though as I occasionly have a coke or dr pepper zero.
I am still very much learning at this diet and don't doubt I will struggle a lot over the coming months.
Ideally i want to get to 10 and a half stone this means I have 6 stone 2lbs to go. I plan to stop SSing at 11stone and then move to 790 plan to shift the last half a stone while moving up gradually.
For the first time in my life I feel I can actually achieve my goal and by my birthday I should be able to buy something out of next for the 1st time ever.
I would love it if you chatted to me and stuff and it can be about anything not just diets.
For example pets, books, magazines, philosphy (lol get my brain moving) I def need more friends
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Firstly WOW well done on losing nearly 3 stone! That is fantastic!
I also started out on LL last year, I lost 5 stone in 3 months then switched to CD and lost a further 1 stone. Unfortunately I made the mistake of having a break from VLCD over Christmas and not only now gained about 3 stone back but have been jumping on and off the wagon all this year! I am now as of today back on the wagon! Hopefully untill my holiday in October, then again after the holiday untill I get to about 10 stone!
Good luck with your continued weight loss and keep us all posted of your progress! You will be wearing a lovely slinky outfit from Next in no time at all!
Have a great evening


Got a life thank you!
OMG how well are you doing, I am only approaching my second stone and also started on the 26th June.


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I know I am doing well but in my head I don't feel like it's going well enough strange i know. Still I have a lot further to go yet. I would absolutely love to be where you are now


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That's cool Zareena although everyones always suprised when i say my age :mad: they say it's because I am mature but I dont wanna be mature.
I think to be honest it's because I am not and have never been into the whole clubbing thing oh and because I am married that always suprises them


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Well am okish today have a headache and feeling really lazy i really need to get my bottom into gear as I need to tidy the flat from top to bottom and then I need to make some bread for hubby and then a pie for his dinner.
Tomorrow I am doing a sunday roast and kinda home made trifle for pudding,


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Hi Lisa,

Delighted to see you doing a diary as it will keep you on track and you will get to goal.

I love your poetry and I hope we will see more over the coming months.

You have achieved so much already!


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Mini Goals for Mini Mins
Before my birthday on 19th September i hope to have lost another stone or maybe 10lbs

I would also like to be another dress size down which i nearly am

Before my sister in law arrives i would like to be into the 14st mark this means I need to lose 2stone 9lb by the 8th december

I would like to SS through my birthday and xmas and on january the 1st I want to be 13 stone 7lbs so 3 stone 2lb to go
love your goals BB, they seem so reachable too, im looking forward to reading your thread, and I think you have done soooooooo well. I m at work at the mo, so need to dash and actually pretend to do something but ill be checking in later!

Have a superweekend, and keep aiming for that goal, I feel just like you, I can see light at the end of the tunnel and not a big long tunnel with no end.

Well done on your weight loss so far, and keep it up hun, dont forget what you have acheived so far is amazing x
That's cool Zareena although everyones always suprised when i say my age :mad: they say it's because I am mature but I dont wanna be mature.
I think to be honest it's because I am not and have never been into the whole clubbing thing oh and because I am married that always suprises them
Oh married?!.. that suprised me too..:D How are you doing anyway?? I hope you're getting on okay:)
I have the same birthday as my brother 2 except he is 7 years older lol.
Have been fine today had half a bar and a tetra at my mother in laws whilst everyone had an indian then we watched funny saturday telly lol.
No was watching Maria thing on BBC 1 instead.
Meant to say earlier yeah I got married 2 years ago at twenty more than happy to share some piccies if anyones interested.
Awww.. I'd love to get married too.. Finding the right man is always the hard part..lol! I'd love to see photos!! Have you got any kids?:)
Have posted in chit chat and nope def no kids yet this figure is all my fault lol.
I am very lucky as I have found a fantastic man very early on
Well today has been stressful but I have thought about coming home and having a bath and reading my book for the 1st time rather than obsessing about eating food. I think this is really good for me. I do feel that I need to be doing more to fight my food demons though now I am not on LL any longer and need to either get a book or find a website with some exercises for me to work through.
Really hope everyone is doing well.
I am talking to myself lately lol.
Anyways today has been ok so far did Hubby chips for dinner though and they smelt so good mmmm.
Weigh in day tomorrow looking forward to that

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