Belvita breakfast biscuits


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I tried them when they were on offer, they are quite nice, but i agree they are pretty similar to a normal biscuit, only a bit creamier I guess. I think they are good if you don't have time for a sit down breakfast, but I concluded I'd rather have a cereal bar, as there are more calories in them than I expected. Hope this helps xx
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The fruit and fibre ones are my favourite, not so keen on the milk and cereals one.

I love these but I don't eat them fo breakfast. I eat them as a snack as I find them much more filling than a cereal bar or something and if I save some calories and have them in the evening it stops me wanting other evening type snacks.


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I love these not all 4 though I have two with fat free Greek yoghurt and then if I feel peckish at snack times I will have the other two

Bloody nice all of them lol xx