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Bemused, disappointed, and annoyed!


Will be thin god dammit!!
Aww nver mind hun - a lady in our class gained 4lb last week and went on to lose 6lb this week!
Sometimes its just your body and nothing to do with how good you have been x
Just how far off plan were you??? You said the one day turned into a week, that for me would be the reason why.

Get on plan 100% & hopefully you will shift it on next weeks WI :)


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I agree with Allie. I've always found that a sudden increase in 'crap' (for want of a better word) after eating healthily makes my body retain water like crazy. So don't worry, just climb back on the wagon, plan your meals for the coming week and look forward to a great loss next week!
Well lets see what this week will bring. Back on it tomorrow. Just kicking myself that I didn't draw a line under Thursday and start again on Friday. Oh well.


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Nevermind, you can draw a line under it now and start afresh tomorrow. As the girls have said try and stick to plan 100% for the next week and that gain will soon be off. Wishing you luck.


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I know from experience that its so easy to put on in a week if you have been on plan and then have a bad time. My record for putting on weight is 9lbs and I was totally mortified.

This shows the importance of making sure that a bad day does n't turn into a bad week. Draw a line under this, learn by it and I'm sure that next week you will lose all that you gained and plus more.

It happens to us all at times, don't beat yourself up, at least you know where you went wrong and can start a fresh.

Alia xxx


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Just think that sticking to the plan like normal = weight loss, having a week off plan = weight gain!

It shouldn't depress you and make you want to binge, it should kick you up the bum and make you stick with it! It may even be possible that your body can have a bit of a funny turn for whatever reason and be back to normal the next week. But there is absolutely no reason to gain even more because you had a bad week. A woman in my class had a 6lb gain 1 week and then an 11lb loss the week after! Whether it was her body or the scale having a funny five we don't know but it worked itself out in the end.

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