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Benefits to second time round


I'm not sure where to post this, so anyone feel free to move if if they see fit.

Anyway, just thought I'd write some ramblings, about the good things about a VLCD second time round.

By June last year I'd lost 6 stone on a combination of LL/CD. I remember telling my counsellor that I'd never be fat again, and she told me that I couldn't say that. I really didn't understand what she meant and was 100% convinced that I would not regain it.

Then, I had a really really difficult year, but was still not interested in overeating. Until one day when I had a really difficult piece of news. I remember this as if it was yesterday, I went to McDonald's and, insted of getting the coffee that I went for, I also bought a muffin, entirely out of anger. I know this may seem a small act, but for me, now on CD second time round, this is the first time that I have realised it was a huge turning point for me.

Anyway, I put on approximately 3.5stone and then decided to start CD after seeing some awful photographs. I really didn't want to do it though and was in a foul 'it's not fair' mood for a good week or so. It's now week 5 and I'm finally back in the routine. I realise that I felt guilty about losing weight in a seemingly easy way before and that I was feeling far too vulnerable to stay thin (I always feel 'better' bigger in terms of people will stay away and I can't get hurt).

I guess what I'm trying to say is that it seems a lot more emotional this time round and that I have learnt so much more about myself. I feel much more prepared and more proud as it hasn't been as easy. I still have approx 1.5 stone to lose but am already savouring it more. I know that the longer I can avoid eating in response to any emotion, the less likely that I will do it.

Sorry for wittering on, just wanted to say that hopefully there are benefits to 2nd time round and people shouldn't see it as a failure, only a challenge from which they become stronger.

Love Maxie xxx
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Good for you Maxie - you have obviously recognised a lot of important stuff that is going to help you be successfull in the longer term. Well done you!


finding my way again !
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good on you !
i too lost 6st last yr on CD & have put on 3 1/2 since :eek:
i went into binge mode, something i didn't do b4.
Have been considering doing CD again, as much as anything as punishment for allowing myself to get here again.
I would like to think i could do it & keep it off this time, but i'd really have to rethink how i eat.
good luck to you


Queen of the Damned
What an excellent post :clap:
I don't think you've wittered on at all. I think this is valuable insight into all the people who consider that they have "failed" and are restarting.
Sometimes it takes a few attempts for your head to catch up with what you're trying to do and we all know how we self sabotage.
Experience counts for an awful lot and we often have to go through these so called failures until we find the right moment for us so that it is an enduring lesson.
I think this is an honest and insightful post and I thank you for posting it.
Take care
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I've learned a lot about myself and my dreadful relationship with food ... I just wish I could put what I've learned to some use. Instead, I just travel round and round on a seemingly endless emotional eating merry-go-round, wishing I could get the hell off.

It's great to hear that some people can actually 'crack the nut' though and end the destructive cycle. :)


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this is my second trip with vlcd. I can feel for all of you, there is something that I can relate to in each one. I did learn alot about myself the first time around, especially around food, and I did maintain for a year, then a blip in my life health wise and I ate and ate. This time I know the triggers, well alot of them anyway! and will learn to cope. The actual CD ss I am coping with ALOT better this time. I thought I did good before, but the addition of occasional AAM'S has been great. I didn't suffer too much in the first 4 days either, although next time (not that there will be a next time!) I would do a strict Atkins before SS to break into ketosis without the hunger!

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