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Best advice you've got for a newbie?


Have been on WW for a month now after doing some vague healthy eating and losing a little bit of weight. I've seen some great results so far, but i need to keep myself motivated.

I am a new mum to an 8 month old baby girl and i'm just getting around to shifting the stones i put on when pregnant.

So what's the best advice you've got for a newbie like me? I've never stuck to a diet very well but i feel like my time has come! I'm so fed up of being fat and i feel so much better already, but i've got a long way to go.

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You need to be kinda strict on yourself and track _everything_ but at the same time make sure to fit in some treats here and there (weekly points, yummy!) so that you don't suddenly go mad haha. The WW meals are quick and easy but to be honest I prefer now to cook something myself because what I cook ends up being a bigger meal and more filling for the same points.
Are you keeping a food diary? I have one on here and the support I've been getting from the people on the site is great, they keep you motivated when you feel like giving up lol!!
Good luck with WW and hope you and the new babby are well :D x

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Hello from another Weegie!
The best bit of advice I can give is to make time for yourself. With an 8 month old life can be crazy but a wee bit of time for you helps settle things and so you'll be less likely to snack.
I'd also say meal plan so you know what's for dinner each night so that you have everything you need and don't have to just settle for high PP alternatives like take aways. Makes it easier if the whole family is eating the same things. Saves cooking 2 or more meals. If you're weaning then baby can eat most of what you'll eat and it'll set them in good stead for the future eating your healthy meals and set them up for a varied diet.
And my third piece of advice is not to stress about it. A bad day or weigh in isn't the end of the world. Everyone might want to lose weight quickly but your in it for the long term. You want healthy eating to become second nature so you don't ever have to think of dieting again so just forget about the bad day, weigh in etc and get back on with it.

Good luck. Support here is fab!


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Absolutely agree with the other two! And you've done so well already - 18lbs!

Weigh as much of your food as you can - and track everything. And of course, don't deny yourself little treats - you've earned them! Just make sure they fit into your points ;)

This site's good for motivation, too. Looking at the success stories before/after pictures is such a motivational tool. Everyone looks so fantastic. And so can we :)

Hope you're enjoying being a mum - those first few months are so lovely, but TIRING!

Wishing you strength

See what I mean?? The people on here are fab! :D x

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i hadnt thought about doing a food journal, am doing WW online so i feel like i spend a lot of time logging everything online anyway.

Sparkle- I'm in the Merchant City. Am loving being a mum but my self-confidence is non-existent since giving birth. I dont know if hormones have anything to do with it, but i think i'll feel a lot better once i've lost some of this weight.

Am just dying to wear some of my old clothes again. Thanks so much for the nice words, everyone.

for me ww meals were a life saver till i got confident enough to cook my own,,havent had one now in months but have 1 in freezer for emergencies..i also have 3 or 4 points allocated to treats each day otherwise i'd go off track if i had none!!!also don't panic if you get points wrong it's a huge learning curve and the weeklies are a life saver!!!congratulations on the birth of your baby,,,i'm very broody at the mo:)


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I also keep a WW frozen meal in the freezer for those emergency 'i cant be bothered to cook' nights or the 'sh*t i forgot to get something out of the freezer' moments!! Otherwise it would be chippy for sure!

I'm also a mummy to two little ones (almost 1 and almost 3!) and a big motivation to me is setting an example... i want them to see me eating fruit and veg and good home cooked food and for it to be the norm for them, so they grow up with good habits and never have to battle weight issues themselves.

Oh and posting on here is good too :D
Where are you Sparkle?

I agree, Thetrigos, my mums was always (and still is) doing yo-yo dieting and i've been the same. I don't want my daughter to be like that. I've always thought i was fat, even when i was skinny!

Had a bit of a disaster weekend though. Feeling a bit **** about it, going to weigh myself in the morning and draw a line under it.

On the bright side, i still didnt eat as much as i usually do!
Last time I found I was most successful when I had something in my bag to eat at all times. Stopped me buying something high in points and munching it. Hoping to follow the same logic this time and for once weigh my portions as I have never done that.

Good luck I'm sure you will do fab xx

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